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Welcome to the jungle….  Australian SAS patrol during the Vietnam War.

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SCDTV review BO Manufacture FSB.13 AEG

Check out the latest video review from SCDTV, featuring this very nice custom AKM-based airsoft electric gun (AEG).


FSB.13 Video Review – SCDTV


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COMMANDO Tactical Vehicle from Hendrick Dynamics

Our friends at MOTUS recently got an up close and personal look at this bad boy that’s based on the Jeep Wrangler platform.


Read the full story here.

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US camo craze summed up in one graphic

I got the latest newsletter from US Patriot Supply this morning, and they had a link to an article on their Blog, entitled “Do We Really Need Another Camo Pattern?” – referring to the US Army’s FUBAR’d quest for a UCP replacement.

Well, in my opinion, the question isn’t whether or not we need ANOTHER one – its about getting a BETTER one…

But at any rate, the US Patriot Blog contained this excellent info-graphic that sums up the current SNAFU perfectly.


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BE-X (Begadi Exclusive) Combat Gear now ships worldwide!

German retailer Begadi, and their tactical/outdoor/airsoft brand BE-X, is happy to announce that they are now able to offer their customers worldwide shipping!

I’m personally happy to be sharing this news because I’m a long-time fan of their clothing and gear, but since relocating to the US its been harder to get hold of for me.

Anyways, now we can all reach Begadi’s International Shop at, and the BE-X brand on Facebook.

Begadi worldwide shipping

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