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New French Army Combat Boot

The French Army has adopted a new BROWN combat boot, with Gore-Tex membrane, made by HAIX.


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Marinejegerkommandoen: Norwegian Special Forces in action

Norwegian Naval Special Ops

Utti Jaeger Battalion – Finnish Army Special Forces

Finnish Special Operations Forces Video

Has Netherlands Fractal Pattern (NFP) camouflage been officially adopted?

According to the latest intel from our friends in The Netherlands, it appears that at last there has been an official announcement that NFP (Netherlands Fractal Pattern) will officially be the new national pattern for the Dutch Armed Forces – well, at least the Army anyways…


The so-called “Netherlands Fractal Pattern” (NFP) has been developed in both ‘woodland’ and ‘arid’ terrain versions, and the fabric of the new combat uniform featuring the patterns will incorporate inherent near-Infra-Red-reflectance (nIR), flame-retardant (FR) and insect repellant characteristics.

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IWI Galil ACE coming to the US

IWI (Israel Weapon Industries) is introducing the new Galil ACE into the U.S. market in February of 2015, just after SHOT Show. Two models in 7.62×39 caliber will be available, a 16″ barreled rifle and a 8.3″ barreled pistol which will have a side folding SB15 type brace system as an option. Both use standard AK magazines.


Read the full story, and watch the video, over on The Bang Switch.

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