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Grey Ghost Gear Armor

The world is full of a$$holes, and once in a while one of them tries to kill you. Grey Ghost Gear wants to help you prepare for that possibility – they want to armor you against the a$$holes…

To do that they’ve partnered up with one of the best composite companies in the world to build affordable armor plates for responsible citizens. They’re going to have 3 models, initially,  with protection levels of III, III + and IV. They will all be NIJ certified and very lightweight (some as light as 1 lb). They will also be affordable – starting at $200.


The new plates use cutting edge technology only recently developed while building armor for a specialized maritime unit. A very limited number of them are labeled appropriately with “Front Towards A$$hole” – the rest will be simply badged with the Grey Ghost Gear logo.

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TenCate Advanced Armor USA Introduces Cratus 3600SA Level III Certified Body Armor Plates

What makes this a big deal is that the Cratus™ 3600SA (NIJ Model #D1652) is the lightest, stand-alone, NIJ 0101.06 Level III Certified hard body armor plate in the body armor industry.

TenCate Advanced Armor USA combined their extensive knowledge of high-pressure manufacturing with advancements in unidirectional polyethylene materials to engineer and produce a family of plates that are 35% lighter than its predecessors.


The TenCate Cratus™ 3600SA utilizes a hybrid design of DSM Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology in combination with trauma reduction materials. A 10”x12” Shooters (SH) Cut torso plate weighs only 2.20 pounds and 6” x 6” Full- Size (FS) Cut side plates weigh 0.80 pounds. The reduction in weight has not compromised protection level because the TenCate Cratus™ 3600SA has been tested against both the 7.62mm x 51mm FMJ (M80) and the 7.62mm x 39mm PS Ball (MSC).

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“Recce Boonies” from SIERRA-313

SIERRA-313 have reworked the famous short-brimmed, “recce”-style bush hats worn by UK and South African Special Forces, and come up with a unique and improved design of their own.


The SIERRA-313 Recce Boonie features a preformed short brim, a cloth foliage loop that goes all around the hat, 2 ventilation eyelets on each side, a patch of loop fastener for affixing “cat eyes”, a map/ID pocket inside the crown.

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Friday Foto


Welcome to the jungle….  Australian SAS patrol during the Vietnam War.

SCDTV review BO Manufacture FSB.13 AEG

Check out the latest video review from SCDTV, featuring this very nice custom AKM-based airsoft electric gun (AEG).


FSB.13 Video Review – SCDTV


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