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Russian SURPAT multi-terrain digital camouflage

I first learned of this new digital camouflage pattern and BDU combo from Russian firm Survival Corps a few months ago. However, my interest was renewed a couple of days ago when I discovered that FSU Connections Ltd. ( here in the UK has some stuff in this pattern for sale.  Survival Corps allegedly developed the pattern, and the “Kombat” BDU which uses it, in consultation with an unnamed Russian special forces unit and is officially used by Russian Police and Russian Federal Security Service (according to the company). 

The Pattern

Some people are referring to the SURPAT pattern as a sort of home-grown, digital, “multicam” pattern – but that seems a bit of a stretch to me.  On closer inspection you can see that it clearly appears to be based on the CADPAT pattern design, and the colouration is kind of inbetween  UNICAM from Erbelestock and the “mountain” colouration of Serbian MD05 camo (see images below).  But there’s no doubt that it appears to work pretty well in the photographs I’ve seen so far. 

The Uniform

The KOMBAT BDU is in fact a fairly close copy of the American ACU style of uniform.Jacket:

  • 2 slanted chest pockets with button closure
  • 2 slanted upper sleeve pockets with Velcro closure
  • Velcro patches for name tags, skill tabs, unit patches on upper sleeves and chest
  • Zipper and Velcro front closure
  • Mandarin collar with Velcro neck tab
  • 2 back pleats for freer shoulder movement


  • 2 front slash pockets
  • 2 rear pockets with button closure
  • 2 pleated cargo pockets with button closure
  • 2 bellowed lower pockets with Velcro closure
  • Nylon drawstring leg ties
  • Reinforced seat and knee patches

Besides BDUs and headgear, Survival Corps have also produced a whole range of tactical gear featuring the SURPAT camo.  But at the present time, FSU Connections appears to only have this rather nice chest rig on stock.Finally, also have a look at the blog Tactical Gear Review – it has a feature comparing SURPAT against MultiCam in a typical southern British woodland environment.More photos from this comparison test can be seen in the full feature here.More information about availability, sizes and prices can be found on FSU Connections website.Further photos and background information can be found on Survival Corps’ website.


  1. So, where exactly is this pattern manufactured. Was it make in russia or the usa.

  2. Good thing it’s not a hyperstealth pattern… there’d be lawsuits flying! 😀

  3. This pattern is a copy of a copy, with different colours, looking back in the achieve of Strikehold, for Jan 2010 you will see the story on the New AOR 2. Look close at the sample patterns and you will see the pattern almost exact but in different colours. Surpat brown is AOR2 black, and green is green, tan for tan, but surpat black for AOR2 light colour.And that AOR2 is a run on the CADPAT, just love copy cats.

  4. = marpat recoloured in colours French CCE camouflage… Forgive my bad English.

  5. Decent Weasel

    May 12, 2010 at 1:41 PM

    I like the colors, but I’m disappointed with the pattern; it looks like it hasn’t got enough large-scale disruption (like all CADPAT derivatives).

  6. I’ve got a set of the BDUs across the pond, here in Canuckistan:'m pretty pleased with it so far.

    • Thanks Connor – nice to meet you, and I look forward to seeing more about your tests with it.

  7. Nice LawranceThose photos of the two men in the green do make it look good.Also reminds me of the Croatian pattern, altough your are spot on with the serbian, that was my first thought also, but you already said that.

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