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From Russia With Love – More About SURPAT Camo

Tatiana from Survival Corps has been in touch to confirm that the pattern was designed and tested in conjunction with the Russian Federal Security Service (i.e., FSB).  She also clarified that its been officially supplied to the FSB and MVD, and will soon also be supplied to the Russian Presidential Guard.She sent some new photos as well – enjoy!


  1. Perhaps cadpat and marpat have colours in the pattern that need to be dark to have a macro effect. If you change that to a light colour then the macro vanishes, as in Surpat. Feasible?

  2. Riaan Rossouw

    May 19, 2010 at 5:54 PM

    I really dig this colour variant of CADPAT.I do wonder however if the 2nd pattern is formed at distance.I’m considering buying a set when my finances improve.

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