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New camouflage uniform for Dutch troops

We can add The Netherlands to the list of countries that are changing the camouflage pattern and the style of the field / combat uniform worn by their troops – but at least this one isn’t MultiCam (or a derivative of it)…

The new camouflage pattern will replace the Dutch version of DPM and appears to be a fractal-based design that has more in common with Flecktarn or PenCott(tm) than with CADPAT or MultiCam.  What’s also interesting is that this pattern has allegedly been developed for use in both woodland and urban envinronments (!), and that there’s a desert version in development as well.  Introduction date is stated as 2014.

So far we’ve only come across this one photo, and the details of the uniform style are not entirely clear, but it does appear as though the Dutch are not completely following the ACU-style trend (apart from the Velcro-covered arm pockets). 

The new uniform is also apparently made from TenCate’s Defender™ M fabric which is an inherently heat- and flame-resistant fabric that is also cool and breathable, thanks to its high Lenzing® FR content – as well as highly durable due to the use of para-aramid and polyamid fibres.

Its not certain however if the Dutch Marines will also give up their Woodland camouflage uniforms…



  1. Looks like the stole from Luxembourg

  2. Sad, I love DPM. Well, at least actual Dutch DPM will be cheaper.

  3. More on this subject here:

    The new uniform is a program of the Joint knowledge centre for the soldier and his equipment. According to them, the new uniform is also destined to be supplied to the Dutch Marines.

  4. These modern camo revisions seem to be dispensing with black. Big fan of Flecktarn here. Can see the influence. I wonder why they moved away from their DPM though? Isn’t DPM supposed to be tried and true?

  5. FormerDirtDart

    July 10, 2011 at 3:16 PM

    That grayish background in the pattern does seem to suggest an urban utility to the pattern, while still having a tree bark tone.
    Looking forward to seeing any additional photos you can come by.

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