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AMP – Australian MultiCam Pattern

Soldier Systems Daily reported the news from Australia today that the Australian MultiCam Pattern has been officially unveiled, and that Diggers will soon be deploying to Afghanistan wearing new uniforms featuring the new pattern.

So, what is all the hub-bub about, and just what did Crye Precision get paid more than $2M Australian for?  This:

Yup, looks an awful lot like normal MultiCam doesn’t it – and the uniform (especially the trousers) looks an awful lot like the Crye G3 Field / Combat Uniform.  In fact, the uniform is a licensed version of the Crye set-up – and brought the total value of Crye’s contract with the Aussies to over $4M AUD.

Now, if you look very closely you can actually see that what makes this version of MultiCam “Australian” is the way that Crye have changed the chocolate-brown and pale-sand colored shapes to resemble the famous “jelly beans” and “bunny ears” shapes from the current Australian Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform.

The photo below shows a comparison between the DPCU uniform and a standard Crye Precision G3 MultiCam uniform – compare the shapes highlighted above with those in the photo below.

So, given the rather subtle nature of the changes involved – even less apparent than for the British MTP camo pattern – one has to wonder whether the Australian taxpayer really got a good deal here.  One also has to wonder what the average Digger is going to think about this too – considering that they used to have one of the most distinctive camouflage patterns in use by a Western nation.

At any rate, Caleb Crye must be a pretty happy chap.



  1. Having worn the crye uniform for an extended length of time, I can honestly say I’m qualified to respond to the aforementioned comments, most of them negative and seemingly without basis.
    It is true that the cut of the crye uniform is a definate improvement and advantage for the troops. Less chaffing, inbuilt knee and elbow pads for joint protection and the UBACs version of the shirt is the best improvement overall for wearing under your body armour (the chest area buttons/zippers on the current AUSCAM Shirt are pressed into your chest by the armour plates. Very uncomfortable and despite reports this has not been fixed in the AUSCAM issued cams).
    Yes the AUSCAM pattern was distinctive amongst the Western Nations, but many Australian troops have had problems with the fabric (heat retention, tearing), the cut (chaffing, not fitted, the chest area buttons/zippers are pressure points) and the pattern was reproduced by so many foreign companies without licence control (what happened to the copyright?).
    The contract guidelines have not been publicised in regards to the ‘Australianisation’ of the pattern like the Poms did, but I am comfortable with the speed of the aquisition when compared to most contracts that drag on for years, get scuttled by Government changes and thus cost the taxpayer a proverbial arm and leg over the duration.
    Our uniform really needed an upgrade and the troops have proven the crye system camouflage is superior. Don’t we want our troops to have the best in protection in their ultimate service to their nation?! Ask the troops themselves, I bet the majority are pleased!

    • Strikehold

      December 18, 2012 at 6:36 PM

      Thanks you for your service, and for your input – its always great to hear from someone who’s been there and done it.

  2. WOFTAM……..Waste Of Fuc#ing Time And Money!!

  3. I live in Australia and this is just my opinion but this is a total WASTE of our tax payers money. Our stupid Prime Minister’s bogus and fraud “carbon tax” (and other treasonous initiatives) has made life very hard for your average Australian and with widespread company bankruptcies, our outragous cost of living, dwindling tourism industry, the most over-priced real estate in the world now (yes, we have taken the #1 spot recently), and more – we have to pay for this joke???? It is a joke, right? Hearts and Bunnies shapes in the MultiCam. Caleb Crye must be LAUGHING all the way to the bank, thinking “those stupid Aussies – so dumb, you can always take them for a ride…” What a joke.

  4. Seems to me that Australia spent a lot of money on a whole lot of nothing. There’s no doubt that Multicam is a great and effective pattern but why spend all that money just to make a very minor and almost unnoticeable tweak to it just so that you can call it your own? What they should have done if they wanted something MultiCamish but still retained aspects of their old Auscam they should have gone the British route and had Crye develop a MultiCam variation for them based on Auscam, take the same basic pattern, tweak a little and use MultiCam colors. Doing that they would have gotten themselves a camo that was unique that has the advantages provided by MultiCam but at the same time still resembled their old pattern.

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