Our guide to hitch-hiking around around the galaxy that is SHOT continues…

Craig Sawyer strikes a Terminator pose to promote Raine’s “Black Line.”

A modernized and tacticooled-out BAR from Ohio Ordnance Works.

Walnut furniture for the AR platform from Precision Firearms.  This one’s in .300 Blackout.  Nice…..

.22 Long Rifle calibre UZI replica from Umarex.  16.1″ barrel hidden inside a dummy suppressor.  Very nice…..

Feinstein’s worst nightmare.

AAC make great suppressors – and great marketing posters.

Alias CS5 modular / interchangeable bolt-action rifle system from McMillan.  This one just came back from seeing some action with the 82nd Airborne Division.

“Product Improved” A5 Model of the HK416.

CAA Airsoft Division product display.

Who’s your daddy?

Because…. who doesn’t secretly want a gold-plated AK to hang on the wall of their man cave?