Israeli tactical and rescue equipment firm Agilite developed the Injured Personnel Carrier (IPC), or “Human Backpack”, with Israeli special forces units who wanted a replacement for the fireman’s carry that would allow them to keep as many rifles in the fight as possible.

The IPC has spread like wildfire across US and worldwide SOF and infantry units since its release a few months ago.  Recon Marines were the first to procure it in the US, closely followed by many other top-tier military and LE Units and government agencies.

A new video from Agilite distributor Persys Medical shows off the great advantage of the IPC as users demonstrate how to go from lift to two-hands-on-weapon in one move.  Check out the video here.

Using the same doctrine as the IPC, Agilite just released the FlatEvac Litter, a tactical litter with shoulder straps that lets all four carrier’s keep both hands on their weapons.