We first wrote about the “Paratrooper” folding mountain bike from Montague Corporation back at the end of August 2008 – in the very very early days of Strike-Hold!   I’m happy to report that the bike continues to serve me well more than 4 years later…

Yesterday a story on Kit-Up! brought to our attention a nice overview video from Montague from May 2012 that shows one of the bikes actually being carried on a parachute descent.

Click on the image above to launch the video

For some alternative real-world use of “human-powered vehicles” check out this short video of Dutch Marines using mountain bikes to patrol the back roads of Afghanistan.  Click on the image below to launch the video.

For a quick look at the military use of bicycles in the 20th Century, ending with the famous Swiss Bicycle Grenadier regiments, take a jump back to our article first published in late August 2008.  Click on the image below to make the jump.


Finally, if you’re wondering how “bicycle infantry” stack up against other forms of transport – check out this chart below: