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Friday Foto

173rd Airborne complete Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise in Romania

Paratroopers from the 1st Squadron, 91st Cavalry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade mix with local mountain-dwelling residents during an emergency deployment readiness exercise in Calarasi, Transylvania, Romania, Oct. 22.

Photo by Sgt. A.M. LaVey

Trident Concepts and Monkey Edge team with Strider Knives to produce the TRICON™ model fixed blade knife

Monkey Edge has announced the immediate availability of the Trident Concepts (TRICON) fixed blade knife designed and manufactured in the USA by Strider Knives.

Tricon 4

The TRICON model fixed blade was conceived with the goal of producing a simple and streamlined design to facilitate a wide variety of carry options. Whether mounted to a plate carrier, or concealed carried carry in plain clothes, the TRICON fixed blade provides the user with a simple, easy to deploy, defense option.

The genesis of the project:

“While attending a Trident Concepts course, Jeff Gonzales (TRICON founder) and I had a conversation about edged weapons and it turned out nothing out there completely met his needs. I figured I could leverage our excellent relationship with Strider Knives to produce a new model that fit the profile Jeff was looking for,” explained Monkey Edge principal Brady Miller. Eventually, those cocktail napkin sketches turned into prototypes that were then further refined based on Jeff’s feedback. “I was well aware of Strider’s ability to put out top shelf hard use gear so working with them on this project was a natural fit. I am thrilled at how it turned out. The Strider team did an amazing job,” said Jeff.

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Grey Ghost Precision Announces Availability of ‘Specter’ Rifles

Grey Ghost Precision (the firearms division of Grey Ghost Gear) is proud to officially announce the release of the Specter Series of rifles.

Spectre RiflesThe Specter rifle series begins with a Heavy (.308) and Light (5.56). The Specter Heavy is a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) class long gun; a rugged, lightweight and robust option for shooting out to 700m and beyond.  The Specter Light brings the same benefits to those who prefer a 5.56 weapon.  The Specters are built to be durable, reliable, affordable, accurate and attainable—all without compromising quality.

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Joint Base Lewis-McChord units train for WMD mission scenarios

An abandoned nuclear facility. Armed hostile forces. Chemical weapons. Hostages…  It might sound like something out of “Call of Duty” or a Hollywood blockbuster, but these were just a few of the many combat variables that were thrown into the training scenarios of ‘Operation Gryphon Longsword’ held recently at JBLM in Washington State.


In what was described as historic, Operation Gryphon Longsword brought to bear the capabilities of some 1,400 service members and three units for the first exercise of its kind.

“In my 30 years in the Army, this exercise, from my observation, is the most complex operation I’ve seen performed by any unit at home station,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Fanelli, command sergeant major of the 201st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade.

The 201st is one of two active duty BfSBs in the active Army, and for Operation Gryphon Longsword, they led the charge.


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M81 ‘Woodland': the camo that never died

Yup – despite the introduction of MARPAT, UCP and MultiCam/OCP, good ole “Old Skool Woodland” never actually went away.

The US Navy still uses ‘Woodland’ camo as a standard-issue pattern for certain units and organizations, ARSOF and MARSOC Operators have been extensive users of the pattern in Afghanistan (MARSOC even featured it in their recruitment posters).


The US Army’s new Jungle Warfare School in Hawaii has been reportedly scouring the supply depots in order to issue the old 100% cotton ripstop ‘Woodland’ camo Hot Weather BDUs to troops going through the jungle warfare course.

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