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On October 8, 2015 45 paratroopers of the 1st Hussars RHP made a trip to Normandy to jump above the rock where the famous Abbey of Mont Saint Michel stands.

Photo copyright:  French Army

SEALS Action Gear – UF PRO® tactical apparel in stock!

SEALS Action Gear is pleased to announce that they are now stocking the full range of UF PRO® Tactical apparel.  This European made, high quality clothing is second-to-none in construction, functionality and striking design; and includes the following key products:

Striker XT Combat Pants

The flagship of the range – the XT pants are setting new industry standards for operational uniforms.

Striker XT Combat Pants

Giving specialists a significant increase in usefulness and efficiency was the highest priority during the development of the Striker XT Combat Pants.

The stretch areas have been expanded and new and ergonomically perfected knee protection has been introduced. This is made using an intelligent combination of technologies that enable highly efficient protection of the knee and tibia areas without fitting the protection system with a Velcro strap.

The width-adjustable lower leg area enables the effective fixing of objects in the lower leg pocket, including during rapid movement.

The large side pocket with inner compartments can be accessed in two ways.

The stretch areas in the hip/buttocks area and above and below the knee protection are made of an extremely resilient Schoeller®-dynamic stretch material.

Striker XT Combat Pants diagram

Striker XT Combat Shirt

Based on the previous Striker Combat Shirt, some important components have been changed in the new XT model that considerably improves the wearing comfort and functionality.


In the torso area, the mix of polyester and merino wool offers extraordinary durability, wearing comfort and odor-inhibition.  The cut of the sleeve and the slide-in pockets have been ergonomically improved so that you will always land on the inserted elbow pads. Furthermore, this optimized cut allows users to pull up their sleeves comfortably for medical access.

An additional elastic ribbon in the underarm pocket offers better fixing for inserted equipment.


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Patch Panel grows domestic manufacturing

Patch Panel moves to complete in house production of customized Cordura patches, with enhanced offerings, and shorter lead times. 


In 2012, Patch Panel (WMI Sports Ltd.) began offering IR Name Tapes as an industry first. In time, this grew to call signs, name plates, unit patches, and now, their exclusive Identification Panels. Throughout this time, they went places they had never expected, including military unit, division, and regimental sized orders, as well as the opportunity to support many police units with roadside safety marking patches, and identification insignia.

miniIDStarting as a small company, they naturally did not have the resources to produce items entirely in-house, and were forced to outsource parts of their production to save costs. This meant that lead times grew to weeks, and even months in some cases.

At the beginning of 2016, Patch Panel initiated the process to move all production to their facility in Peterborough Ontario, where production quality could be controlled to exacting standards, and produced expediently by their Canadian Forces Veteran production team.

Now they are happy to announce that long lead times are a thing of the past. Dropping from 10 weeks, to 10 days, and with an option to expedite to 2 business days; they are now able to provide the patches you need, in short order. All of these changes help them support their goals to generate more domestic manufacturing, as well as employ more veterans in their workforce.

See the fully updated selection at


Helikon-Tex Releasing Major New Product Lines at IWA 2016

Helikon-Tex from Poland has been serving the tactical, law enforcement & security, outdoor and enthusiast markets in one way or another since 1983. The company currently provides a wide range of options – from shorts and t-shirts to cold and wet weather gear – which are available in a broad assortment of solid colors and camouflage patterns.

Some major new developments appear to be on their way to market though…  Over the past week the company has been posting a series of teasers on their Facebook page, that hint at the shape of things to come.


Be sure to stop by their booth if you’re there….  In the meantime, we’ve included the full series of ‘teasers’ below:

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BE-X Combat Gear now available in PenCott-GreenZone® camo

BE-X (‘BEgadi eXclusive) is an in-house brand of BEGADI GmbH, Germany and aims to close the gap between high-end military-grade tactical gear and low-cost commercial gear.

BE-X recently started working with the PenCott-GreenZone® camouflage pattern and have begun releasing a range of products featuring this camo scheme.  Some of the products are new designs and some are classics from their line-up, such as BE-X’s modernized interpretation of the IDF ‘EPHOD’ rig (see our detailed review from 2010 here).


Also included in the BE-X GreenZone® line-up are their modular Chest Harness and light Plate Carrier, as well as a wide range of pouches.

b-bex-frontier-pencott-harness-details1Besides load carrying gear, BE-X have also already brought out their pocket-transportable ‘LRRP Tarp’ system (seen below) and are also preparing a line of field/tactical garments for release soon too.


The full BE-X range can be found here:

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