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FOR SALE : TSI Armories airsoft Galil SAR replica

Here is your chance to own a truly classic, unique and exceptionally high quality Galil AEG from the now out-of-business TSI Armories.

This airsoft rifle has been in storage for the last 3 years and its unlikely that I will be getting out to skirmish with it again any time in the near future; plus, I need the cash to be honest…

Picture 083

So, what would you be getting?  Here’s some info extracted from the full review I did back in October 2008:

TSI Armories were a bunch of ex-IDF guys based in southern California who passionately felt about making the most highly detailed, accurate and rugged Galil ARM, SAR and MAR models possible.  When you pick up a TSI Galil you immediately notice the quality of the materials and construction, and the weight.  No surprise really as they made quite extensive use of “real-steel” Galil components when building the replicas.

Picture 092

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Crye Precision “Compact Assault Ghillie Suit”

Our friends at Airsoft & Military News and Firebase-Alpha have teamed up for an up-close-and-personal look at the “Compact Assault Ghillie Suit” from Cry Precision.


Check out the full review here.

FOR SALE : Ares Airsoft Stoner-KAC LMG

For sale – one Stoner-KAC LMG from Ares Airsoft; in “like new” condition.


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UF PRO Striker XT Combat Pants on MilSpec Monkey

UF PRO have certainly been getting a lot of attention with the outstanding quality, out-of-the-box thinking and sublimely practical execution of their Striker XT Battle Dress System.

Most recently, MilSpec Monkey has been running a pair of the Striker XT combat trousers through their paces.


Check out the full report here.

PRACTACSYS: AKU Pilgrim High Leg Boots – used & abused

Practical Tactical Systems (Practacsys) came into being as the direct result of a group of like-minded people, who had banded together before on numerous specialist projects, deciding to bring a new kind of news and reviews website to the international tactical community.

Our friends at PracTacSys are professionals from diverse areas of the tactical and firearms industries, including those from the manufacturing side and those who are active operationally on a daily basis.  Together, their aim is to personally use, abuse, trial and evaluate over time and then report as objectively as possible on their findings and impressions.


They recently reported on their findings after stomping and yomping around in a pair of AKU’s Pilgrim High Leg Boots.  These boots are available in Black, Forest / MTP Brown and Desert Biege.  Check out the full report on PracTacSys.

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