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PRACTACSYS: AKU Pilgrim High Leg Boots – used & abused

Practical Tactical Systems (Practacsys) came into being as the direct result of a group of like-minded people, who had banded together before on numerous specialist projects, deciding to bring a new kind of news and reviews website to the international tactical community.

Our friends at PracTacSys are professionals from diverse areas of the tactical and firearms industries, including those from the manufacturing side and those who are active operationally on a daily basis.  Together, their aim is to personally use, abuse, trial and evaluate over time and then report as objectively as possible on their findings and impressions.


They recently reported on their findings after stomping and yomping around in a pair of AKU’s Pilgrim High Leg Boots.  These boots are available in Black, Forest / MTP Brown and Desert Biege.  Check out the full report on PracTacSys.

SCDTV review BO Manufacture FSB.13 AEG

Check out the latest video review from SCDTV, featuring this very nice custom AKM-based airsoft electric gun (AEG).


FSB.13 Video Review – SCDTV


SCDTV teaser

Our next video review from SCDTV is going to be about something rather special…

SCDTV Teaser


Introducing SCDTV – our new airsoft content partner

You might have noticed that its been a while since we’ve posted any reviews of airsoft guns – or even gone up-close-and-personal with much airsoft-related gear either for that matter.  There are several reasons for this – but I won’t bore you with the details… Suffice it to say, things are gonna change now – and how! 

Browse the web these days and it quickly becomes apparent that there at least a million “experts” out there who fancy themselves to be qualified reviewers of airsoft guns – many of whom seem to barely know which end of the gun gets pointed at the enemy team…  On the other hand, you can pick up a copy of one of the high-quality airsoft magazines out there are read some good written reviews of airsoft guns – some of which go into way too much technical nitty-gritty for the average ‘gung-ho’ skirmisher…

scdtv_BLACKOn the other hand, the guys from SCDTV strike a nice happy balance between the level of technical detail and the user’s skirmish-field perspective – and they do it all through the medium of slickly-produced and entertaining videos.  The fact that they hail from Poland and English is not their first language makes there videos all the more interesting.  At any rate, I like what they do and how they do it – and I hope that you will too.

SCDTV have their own YouTube Channel, Facebook page, and website too.  Here’s an example of their handiwork to get things started, their review of the BO Dynamics Custom Recon AEG:

BO Dynamics


- Lawrence

Leo Koehler PenCott Tactical Combat Jacket review

- Text and photos by Grant Grieve.

I have for some time now been a big fan of the PenCott camouflage patterns, and if you were to ask any of my friends or comrades they would tell you that I never shut up about its virtues. For me it is the first family of camouflage I have come across that ticks all of the boxes in terms of design, disruptive qualities and of course the all-important looks. I do of course have other camouflage but I think for me I have found a family of camouflage patterns that suits my environment and gives me the advantages I am looking for – and that is what is important to me.

I have also spent some time and money, sourcing PenCott gear and clothing from manufacturers around the world.  This review will be of a long-awaited new addition to my ever growing PenCott collection, the Leo Köhler ( ) Tactical Combat Jacket in PenCott-GreenZone™.

Leo Kohler Sniper Smock - Pencott Greenzone - Front 3Leo Kohler Sniper Smock - Pencott Greenzone - Back 1

I sourced my jacket from the guys at ASMC in Germany ( – for the simple reasons that I had dealt with them before, and they were one of the very few in Europe who had such a garment in stock. If you combine that with the fact that the product was well described and the website is also in English, then it was a no brainer. Leo Köhler products are all built to German Armed Forces standards and if you have any experience of German military surplus you will know what I am talking about. Everything is well built, is well designed and makes perfect sense when out in the field.

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