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Friday Foto



On October 8, 2015 45 paratroopers of the 1st Hussars RHP made a trip to Normandy to jump above the rock where the famous Abbey of Mont Saint Michel stands.

Photo copyright:  French Army

New ‘Multitarn’ camouflage for the Bundeswehr

A couple of days ago we presented the first English-language news about the new snow and multi-terrain camouflage patterns being adopted by the German Bundeswehr.  Today, we are able to bring you some further details about the so-called ‘Multitarn’ multi-terrain pattern.


First, it appears that the pattern is being called ‘Multitarn’ – thereby connecting the ‘multi’-terrain colours of the pattern with the legacy ‘tarn’ (camouflage) of the ‘Flecktarn’ pattern geometry it is based on.

The development of the Multitarn pattern was initially driven by a request from the German special forces, and the new pattern will be made available to them first.  In the longer term,  other units will also receive the new pattern.  Equipping all in-theatre soldiers with a common camouflage uniform pattern makes obvious sense, as it is then more difficult for the enemy to specifically target special forces troops due to their different uniform. Continue reading

Weekend Wallpaper


Operational in all circumstances:

Soldiers of the 21e RIMa on anti-terror / internal security patrol in Paris.

Photo courtesy of ‘Armée française – Opérations militaires’ Facebook page.

Weekend Wallpaper


Finnish Jaegers towed by a Bv 206 in Lapland, Finland.


Weekend Wallpaper


Pegasus goes out on the ground as 16 Air Assault Brigade’s new tactical recognition flash.

Photo: Cpl Andy Reddy, MoD Crown Copyright, 2015 
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