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German LRRPs conduct freefall training in Tennessee

Soldiers of Fernspählehrkompanie 200 (long range reconnaissance training company) visited Tennessee recently to practice their skills in military free-fall operations with full equipment.

The company belongs to the German Army’s special operations division and provides the division’s organic long range reconnaissance capabilities.


Click on the picture above to jump to the video – in German language.

Source:  Bundeswehr News Service.

Singapore Armed Forces high-tech airborne training centre

Check out the new hi-tech system that the Singapore Armed Forces are using to train their paratroops.  Certainly looks a lot more modern than what I went through at Benning back in 1983.


Friday Foto


Members of Germany’s elite KSK unit photographed during a recent capabilities demonstration.  Note the MultiCam uniform and the highly modified G36K carbine.

(hat tip to ‘Writer’ on

‘Viewpoint Tactical’ – SAWMAN talks about defending endangered animals

Former SEAL team operator Craig “Sawman” Sawyer talks about his motivation and his efforts in counter-poaching ops to save the endangered rhinos and elephants of Africa from extinction at the hands of international crime syndicates.

Viewpoint Tactical

Click on the image above to jump to the magazine – Sawman interview starts on page 50.

Netherlands 11 Airmobile Brigade: Exercise ‘Falcon Preydrive’

Exercise FALCON PREYDRIVE is under way near Celle in Germany.  Participants include airborne troops from Germany, The United States and The Netherlands.



This exercise tests the operational readiness of 11 Infantry Battalion Grenadier Guards Regiment and Hunters. The exercise is supported by various units of the brigade and the OOCL.

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