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Patch Panel grows domestic manufacturing

Patch Panel moves to complete in house production of customized Cordura patches, with enhanced offerings, and shorter lead times. 


In 2012, Patch Panel (WMI Sports Ltd.) began offering IR Name Tapes as an industry first. In time, this grew to call signs, name plates, unit patches, and now, their exclusive Identification Panels. Throughout this time, they went places they had never expected, including military unit, division, and regimental sized orders, as well as the opportunity to support many police units with roadside safety marking patches, and identification insignia.

miniIDStarting as a small company, they naturally did not have the resources to produce items entirely in-house, and were forced to outsource parts of their production to save costs. This meant that lead times grew to weeks, and even months in some cases.

At the beginning of 2016, Patch Panel initiated the process to move all production to their facility in Peterborough Ontario, where production quality could be controlled to exacting standards, and produced expediently by their Canadian Forces Veteran production team.

Now they are happy to announce that long lead times are a thing of the past. Dropping from 10 weeks, to 10 days, and with an option to expedite to 2 business days; they are now able to provide the patches you need, in short order. All of these changes help them support their goals to generate more domestic manufacturing, as well as employ more veterans in their workforce.

See the fully updated selection at


Weekend Wallpaper


Finnish Jaegers towed by a Bv 206 in Lapland, Finland.


Season’s Greetings 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our Followers!


Weekend Wallpaper


Pegasus goes out on the ground as 16 Air Assault Brigade’s new tactical recognition flash.

Photo: Cpl Andy Reddy, MoD Crown Copyright, 2015 

Sub-Arctic Winter Bivouacking

We’re back! After being unable to post any new content since August becuase of bandwidth and other technical issues, we are at long last back up and running! And since ‘winter is coming…’ we thought there would be no better to celebrate our return than by sharing this 1955 US Army training film. Enjoy!

sub-arctic bivouac

Incidentally, we used a lot of this exact same “first rate US Army equipment” when I went through the Northern Warfare Training Center in 1985!

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