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Shoei bring back the FG42 Type I

Well, let’s face it, you’ll probably never get your hands on a real one – and even the real-steel semi-auto-only replicas are quite expensive and hard to come by too…

So its a good thing that Shoei are going to do another production run of their fully-functioning (but non-firing) museum-quality FG42 Type 1 replica gun.


At the current time they are taking pre-orders / reservations for the next production run, and the number produced will be determined by the number of pre-orders / reservations they get.

I was the very proud and happy owner of one of these about 12 years ago, when I used to be involved in WWII Fallschirmjaeger re-enactment, and I can vouch for the exceptional quality and historical / collectable value of these.  In fact, Shoei even feature a photo of me in my Italian front FJ impression on their website.  :-)


Visit the Shoei website for further details.

Happy Valentine’s Day


‘Starship Troopers’ the New ‘Art of War’?

“You may not hear overly intense car salesman quoting from Starship Troopers anytime soon, but here are six reasons why the book is a practical guide to 21st century warfare.”

Read the rest of this excellent Op-Ed from Popular Mechanics


(thanks to Nathan Barton for the meme)

Saturday Snapshot

Let it go

SCDTV do ‘once upon a midnight clear…’

Our friends at SCDTV came up with a novel way to work off the Christmas feasting – they got all geared up and did a midnight photo shoot in the snow.  The results are pretty impressive…

SnowDrift nightshift 5SnowDrift nightshift 4SnowDrift nightshift 3SnowDrift nightshift 2

Check out the full album, and kit list, here.

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