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Saturday Snapshot

Let it go

SCDTV do ‘once upon a midnight clear…’

Our friends at SCDTV came up with a novel way to work off the Christmas feasting – they got all geared up and did a midnight photo shoot in the snow.  The results are pretty impressive…

SnowDrift nightshift 5SnowDrift nightshift 4SnowDrift nightshift 3SnowDrift nightshift 2

Check out the full album, and kit list, here.

Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas

‘Viewpoint Tactical’ – SAWMAN talks about defending endangered animals

Former SEAL team operator Craig “Sawman” Sawyer talks about his motivation and his efforts in counter-poaching ops to save the endangered rhinos and elephants of Africa from extinction at the hands of international crime syndicates.

Viewpoint Tactical

Click on the image above to jump to the magazine – Sawman interview starts on page 50.

US Army: “Scorpion W2″ pattern becomes OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern)

In what Soldier Systems Daily brilliantly refers to as a “drive-by announcement”, the Army has released the first official photos of the new “Scorpion W2″ camouflage pattern – on a Friday pay-day, after duty hours, in the summer…

Along with the photos also comes the confirmation that the official name for the pattern is OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern), which is coincidentally (and confusingly) the same acronym that the Army applied to MultiCam when they adopted it for use in Afghanistan as “Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern” (OCP for short).


So, now the waiting is over, the speculation is over, and the Camouflage Improvement Initiative will soon be just another R&D project that ran aground on the shoals of the Army’s acquisition process…

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