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Friday Foto: SSG Ryan Pitts



Another Way To Fight: Unconventional Warfare from Rome to Iran

(Hat tip to Jack Murphy for bringing this very good article to my attention.)


” Foreign Intrigue is pleased to provide an article from Guest Contributor Dave Coughran that was previously posted at the Harvard Kennedy School Review. The article examines unconventional warfare.

Dave is a 2014 Master in Public Policy candidate at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, currently studying diplomacy and international affairs. Coughran completed two tours to Iraq as a Green Beret in the Special Forces. He speaks Arabic and has served in numerous advisory posts to militaries and governments from the Middle East.”

Read it here.

Mercenary King – Bob Denard

David Axe of the “War Is Boring” blog has written an excellent article about the career of legendary French mercenary “Bob Denard”, and the rise of the modern Contractor industry.


Check it out:   One Man Private Army

The Guns of a Recon Marine

“RECONDODM” recently posted a thread on Imgur that gives an up-close-and-personal look at the guns he’s used over the years as a Recon Marine deployed to Afghanistan.


Check it out…

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