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Libya – we’ve been there before…

If you’re like me, then the recent conflict in Libya has probably got you thinking about the war in the Western Desert during the Second World War.

In my case, its also renewed my interest in finding out more about operations there in the First World War too – my grandfather served in a Canadian motorized reconnaissance unit attached to the British Army in the Libyan desert.  But whilst I’m still looking for info about that particular period, Osprey published two excellent reference books about special operations in Western Desert in WWII last year…

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Friday Foto

HMS CUMBERLAND’s Royal Navy and Royal Marine boarding teams carry out an assurance vist. HMS CUMBERLAND is now in direct support of CTF 152.


Royal Navy clears Libyan mine

HMS Brocklesby, one of the Royal Navy’s mine countermeasures vessels, has destroyed a mine laid by pro-Gaddafi forces in the port of Misurata on the Libyan coast.Forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi have made repeated attempts to close down the port to limit the flow of humanitarian assistance to the population of Misurata.

Using her sonar and underwater mine disposal system, Seafox, HMS Brocklesby successfully located and destroyed a buoyant mine just one mile (1.6km) from the entrance to the harbour.The mine, containing more than 100 kilogrammes of high explosives, had been crudely placed by pro-Gaddafi forces using an inflatable dinghy to transport it out to sea.
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What’s really going on in Libya?

Only one way to really find out – read C.J. Chivers Blog.

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