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Exercise “Tears of the Sun”

Exercise “Tears of the Sun”, took place a couple of weeks ago in Toulouse, France, as a key interoperability exercise between 16 Air Assault Brigade and 11e Brigade Parachutiste (11e BP), which is at the forefront of closer military co-operation between Britain and France.


Both brigades are rapid reaction forces, held at high readiness to deploy on operations anywhere in the world. They form the Intermediate Combined Joint Expeditionary Force (I-CJEF) for contingency operations, ranging from disaster relief to war fighting.

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In The Fight: Duchy of Grand Fenwick “Special Operations Brigade” vs. People’s Republic of Katatonia “Katatonic Operations Division”

In a forgotten back corner of the continent, two little-known European countries are still locked in their very own, and very real, miniature “Cold War”.  The animosity between these two states stretches back so far into their histories that most citizens simply believe that “it has always been this way”.

On the one hand is the Anglo-Germanic Duchy of Grand Fenwick.

Duchy of Grand Fenwick National Flag 1024x768_copyright Lawrence Holsworth

On the other is the secretive People’s Republic of Katatonia


However, although both countries are so small that they barely register on most maps, they both possess quite modern looking and decently equipped special operations forces.

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Operation Rhino: Silent Heroes Foundation Special Interdiction Unit in training

We have received a set of photos from South Africa of the SHF SIU conducting training to prepare for their operational deployment. 

In the photos you can see their Combat Patrol Uniforms from Helikon-Tex in PenCott-BadLands™ camouflage – also visible in the photos are Alpha Tactical Caps and Silent Warrior Combat Shirts from Molay Taktika, as well as Kit Bags and Backpacks from Hill People Gear.

1098517_617562498274720_632893200_n  969437_617562551608048_599704464_n  970898_617562834941353_1619185460_n  1013291_617562661608037_1862163357_n

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Qatar Internal Security Forces: Lefdawiya Group

As a wealthy, but young, developing nation the Qatari’s have adopted a pragmatic strategy of synthesis in many of their endeavours.  And as Qatar will be hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022, the country is on over-drive to develop its infrastructure and security forces to the highest level possible to ensure the safety and comfort of its guests.

I had the pleasure last year of spending some time with the commander and several members of the Qatar ISF’s “Lefdawiya” Group’s Back-Up Unit, and got the unique opportunity to learn more about this largely unknown unit.

DSC08723The word “lefdawiya” is derived from the traditional Qatari dialect and was traditionally applied to the armed men who provided security for the country.  Today, the duties of the Lefdawiya Group include:

  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Anti-Smuggling
  • Anti-Gang / Armed Criminals
  • VIP Close Protection

DSCF84٠00The unit is developed professionally through a program of continuous realistic training and real-world experience to keep the unit ready for deployment anywhere at anytime, and capable of dealing with any foreseeable situation.

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In The Fight: CANSOFCOM video

We shared this on our Facebook page a few days ago, now we’ll post it here for the rest of your to enjoy.

Go Canada!

FOR VIDEO – Click on image above.


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