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50 Shades of Tactical Grey?

You might have seen that the color grey has become a bit of a trend, and a topic of conversation, in the tactical industry lately.  So okay, I’ll be that guy who makes that joke…

But seriously, why has grey suddenly become so fashionable?  Why is it suddenly ‘the new black’?  Grey as a tactical or low-visibility color has been around for quite a long time.  Remember the German soldiers in WWI and WWII?  They predominantly wore uniforms of ‘Field Grey’, and in some cases ‘Mouse Grey’ in order to reduce their visual signature.


The ‘sea wolves’ of the German U-Boat forces not only painted their submarines in a low-viz shade of grey, they also wore uniforms in a shade of grey that bears a close resemblance to the ‘Wolf Grey’ of today (as seen in this still from the movie “Das Boot”).


The US Navy also painted all of their major surface ships a famous shade known as ‘Battleship Grey’, and to this day most aircraft in the US Navy and US Air Force are painted a subtle shade of low-visibility grey.


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Grey Ghost Rifle Case

If you’re in Nashville for the NRA show this week/week-end, then you’ll probably have a chance to see these first-hand.  The Grey Ghost Gear Rifle Case is something a little different from the cheap rifle bags you see elsewhere.

For a start, its lined with hook and loop so you can infinitely customize rifle ride positions, and add additional patches, pouches, or holsters.  Of course, Grey Ghost’s own line of Orange Diamond Concealment pouches can be fully integrated. There is also a set of generous zippered mesh pouches on the inner lid to secure loose items such as range cards, magazines, notepads, and other shooting accoutrement.

Grey Ghost Rifle case

The Grey Ghost Rifle Bag is versatile too.  Rifles up to 38” long can fit without issue and larger rifles can easily be secured if broken down, leaving plenty of space for a spotting scope, NVGs, or a handgun or two.

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Further developments in the Netherlands Fractal Pattern camouflage saga?

It appears that the US Army isn’t the only force who’s efforts to field a new camouflage pattern seem to be moving at a snail’s pace…

The speed with which the Dutch Armed Forces are implementing their new Netherlands Fractal Pattern almost appears to be in danger of possibly standing a chance of losing to a snail if it was pitted in a head-to-head comparison.

Nonetheless, our friend Robert Hendrick has reported that there’s been at least a couple of new developments reported in the official Dutch Army newspaper – from which the photo below has been taken.


The female anatomical configuration has now been factored into the uniform sizing system (note the female mannequin in the line-up) following input from a focus group of female soldiers.  Also, it appears that the Dutch have also settled on a combined Temperate/Arid colorway of the NFP pattern to be used for individual gear (note the swatch of fabric hanging off the shoulder of the first mannequin on the left).

As we learn more, we’ll keep you informed.

Russian airborne forces get new combat gear for Arctic mission

In a related story, the Russian MoD reports that their paratroopers will be getting equipped with a new outfit is to ensure they can operate comfortably in the Far North and transpolar regions at air temperatures of -50 degrees Celsius.

Paratroopers of the Airborne Forces formation in Ivanovo (Central Russia) will get new combat garments for the Far North and transpolar missions, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman for the VDV Lieutenant Colonel Yevgeny Meshkov said on Tuesday.


According to him, the paratroopers’ combat garment comprises several elements in which soldiers can take dynamic actions and also remain motionless for a long time in the cold. “Paratroopers in this garment will be able to wait out strong winds with sleet not suffering health damage even staying motionless. The uniform is designed for quick change and putting on of any of the garment element depending on the conditions,” the spokesman said.

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UF PRO: ‘The Professional’s Insight’ – Part 1

Get ready for a high altitude infiltration with UF PRO…

Follow an elite team of European Special Operations soldiers as they deploy behind enemy lines to perform a hostage rescue operation.  Discover their tactical procedures, and get an up-close look at the gear they use.


UF PRO - the Professional Choice

UF PRO – The Professional’s Insight

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