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Mil Sistemika ‘Sniper Kit’ at IWA

IWA is only a couple of days away now and our friends at Mil Sistemika have prepared something special!

If you are interested in tactical navigation, fire control software or Sniper ballistic calculators make sure to check out their new “Sniper Calculator Kit“.


The MIL Sniper Calculator kit, contains an IP67 protected, large screen, Android PDA; a Kestrel 4500 BT weather station; and a connection cable for popular Laser Range Finders, such as NewCon Optik, Fotona Metrix etc. – all neatly packaged together in a ‘Rite in The Rain’ field binder.


If you are visiting IWA in Nuremberg between 6- 9 March and would like to know more about the Sniper Kit, or any of their other products, please contact Mil Sistemika to arrange a meeting:


REVIEW: UF PRO SmallPac Monsoon rain suit- Part 1

Nobody else does kit reviews quite as full-on, in-depth and hard-core as Project Gecko does.  In their latest review they get (literally) ‘under the hood’ with the SmallPac Monsoon rain suit from UF PRO.



Read all about it!

Enforce Tac / IWA 2015 PenCott™ “Shoppers’ Guide”

Hyde Definition seems to be marching steadily on towards conquering Europe with their PenCott™ family of camouflage patterns – at least it looks that way according to this list of exhibitors at the 2015 Enforce Tac and IWA…

S.O.D. Gear

Italy’s renowned S.O.D. Gear was one of the very first high-end, real-deal manufacturers to pick up on the PenCott patterns, and sent them off with some pretty cool dudes to open doors and meet people in some interesting places…  S.O.D. Gear will be at Enforce Tac for the first time this year.



Direct Action

One of the most eagerly awaited appearances at this year’s Enforce Tac and IWA has got to be Direct Action – the new advanced, professional brand from under the umbrella of Helikon-Tex. Enforce Tac / IWA marks the first public unveiling of the full line of Direct Action gear and clothing.  Be sure to drop by and check them out.




A brand that’s gained an outstanding reputation for innovation and high-quality over the past few years, UF PRO will be showcasing their range of superb products – including new items like their Monsoon SmallPac system and Hunter Sweater in GreenZone, and their brand new Striker HT hot weather BDU in BadLands will make its debut at this year’s IWA.



Leo Koehler

Another long time provider of high-quality items in PenCott camouflage patterns, Leo Koehler will be displaying their wares again this year at IWA – visit them at stand number 343 in hall 9.

Leo Koehler Hall 9 Stand 343



The Polish super-company that’s been most active with the PenCott patterns, Helikon-Tex will be showcasing their 2015 line-up at IWA.  Drop by to see what’s new, chat to their crew, and pick up a catalogue (or two).




Polish outdoor gear and backpack manufacturer Wisport will be bringing out several products in GreenZone and BadLands soon.  Drop by their IWA booth to find out more – Hall 9, Stand 344.

Wisport Hall 9 Stand 344



Last, but by now means last (!), the Tacticaltrim booth at IWA will be something of a PenCott Superstore this year.  Not only will they have samples of the full range of PenCott camouflage fabrics on hand, they will also be featuring the first European unveiling of Murdock Webbing company’s jacquard-woven GreenZone webbing, and they will be showcasing the first public appearance of the full range of PenCott camouflage products from Tasmanian Tiger.


Tacticaltrim will also be featuring several special guests and partners on their booth as well – including:


ZentauroN – Made In Germany

ZentauroN (German for ‘Centaur’) produce a wide range of equipment and bags for a variety of applications. Their range includes products for military and law enforcement, civil protection and security, search and rescue, outdoor pursuits and sports.  

Well know for their Vulcan Plate Carrier system (seen below) which is in use with German special forces, ZentauroN recently developed a new Multi-Mission Plate Carrier / Body Armor System for the Italian ‘Incursori’ special forces.


They also recently launched the Vulcan and a number of their other core military products in Hyde Definition’s PenCott-GreenZone™ camouflage pattern.

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Announcing Arktis Outdoor

For over thirty years Arktis has been supplying some of the toughest users worldwide with hardy, durable gear. Now with the same ethos in mind they have made the ‘Outdoor’ range available to everyone.


Arktis Outdoor’s range of quality and durability focused products also harks back to the original bi-line they’ve used for their military product line for all these years – ‘Quality of Endurance’.  Included in the product line up are Arktis’s tried-and-tested-and-proven designs such as their waterproof and combat smocks and trousers, their backpacks and loadout bags, and their Hot Climate Shirt.

Arktis Outdoor

There are also some new products on the way that will be specific to the Arktis Outdoor line.

Arktis Outdoor new products

For further details about the full range of Arktis products and services, visit their website:

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