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MIL Sistemika Navigation and Ballistic Calculator – tactical Apps for the Android platform

MIL Sistemika is a Slovenian firm that develops and sells commercial off-the-shelf products in the area of military command & control, communications and training, and simulation products.

Two New Android-based Apps are being offered by MIL Sistemika as commercial / law enforcement versions of products developed for military use are the Personal Eye System (PES)  and the BALKI (Sniper Calculator).

The Personal Eye System is a personal tracking, asset tracking, navigation, and tactical data sharing application that runs on Android-powered devices.  BFT and Common Operational Picture (COP) sharing. The full military version of PES is currently being evaluated by the Slovenian armed forces and the Police and National Crisis Management Center as a part of their BMS (Battlefield Management System).  The publically-available version of PES has the Call for Fire and JTAC features removed.


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BAE Systems Q-Warrior helmet-mounted display system for Special Forces

The Q-Warrior™- the latest iteration of BAE Systems helmet-mounted display technology, looks a bit like an Apache pilot’s helmet but has been specially designed for the soldier who needs unique capabilities, such as identifying hostile and non-hostile forces, as well as coordinating small unit actions.

The helmet mounted display system is designed to provide soldiers and Special Forces personnel with more real-time visual data than ever before, and is allegedly exceeding expectations in field testing with US military researchers.


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Revision® Secures Contract for PEO Soldier’s Integrated Head Protection Program

The 2 year development-to-acquisition program is to refine the U.S. Army’s next generation helmet system, a contract worth an initial $783,000 with additional options valued at $15 million.

Revision’s IHPS small arms helmet serves as the foundation for the company’s proposed head protection system. The helmet’s optimized shell design contours the shape of the wearer’s head, increasing their area of coverage and protection while reducing system weight and unneeded space. The system weighs less than existing combat helmets and includes upgradeable mandible and visor protection. It also features an innovative retention and netted suspension system with dial-in comfort settings and high-impact ballistic padding. The suite includes modular ballistic armor plates that can be applied to the helmet’s exterior for an increased level of protection.

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Meprolight MESLAS fire-controlled sniper riflescope with laser rangefinder

At Milipol 2013, Meprolight unveiled its new fire-controlled, 10×40 riflescope with laser rangefinder.

MESLAS is an innovative Fire-Control Riflescope 10×40, designed for sniper rifles. The sophisticated, compact, multi-function system incorporates a single-pulse laser rangefinder operating in an eye-safe spectral range (1.54 µm, invisible to night vision devices), a sniper’s telescope, and a fire-control system. When measuring distances, the MESLAS automatically calculates the elevation angle according to the ranged target accurate adjustability.


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Silynx Communications introduces the Clarus™ and Maximus™ – tactical in-ear headset systems

Leveraging the success of their combat-proven C4OPS suite and incorporating feedback from end-users in theater, the Clarus and the Maximus are the first in Sylinx’s Nx Series of products.

Testament to the fact that in combat, protection is power, Silynx designed each system to provide the proven in-ear hearing protection and enhancement on which users have come to rely. With budget-friendly price points, these next generation systems, designed to be smaller, simpler, and lighter, pull from the past but focus on the future.

Clarus_03  Clarus_02

CLARUS™ – world’s smallest in-ear tactical headset system – provides impulse and steady state noise protection, with electronic hear-thru, in both noisy and normal environments. It provides intercom interoperability, clear communications, and sound localization for full situational awareness.

Maximus_03 Maximus_01

MAXIMUS™ combines a slim main electronic unit with a miniaturized remote control box. Designed to simplify the user’s operation and accessibility to the PTT switches, MAXIMUS offers users advanced capabilities and a dual lead configuration that draws low current from the primary radio.

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