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Camo Comparison – GreenZone, Tropic, Flecktarn, Mandrake

There are more new military and “military-grade” camouflage patterns around now than you can shake a stick at – particularly on the commercial market that was fueled by the US Army’s quest for a new family of patterns.

Unlike the US Army, you probably don’t have millions of dollars, state-of-the-art testing facilities and hundreds of soldiers at your disposal.  So, if you’re looking to make an informed, objective decision regarding selecting a new and more effective camouflage pattern for your AO then you need to see how well it might work for you.


Luckily, our friends at Pine Survey in Austria have done a nice survey of different patterns and fabrics under natural conditions.  See for yourself what their conclusions were: Pine Survey Camo Comparison.

Agilite’s NORSK “Mohawk” FAST helmet cover

Agilite has just released a variant of its Mohawk Ops Core FAST Helmet Cover in Norwegian Woodland Camo.  The Mohawk NORSK cover was designed specially for Norway’s Rigg As Tactical Group, a leading supplier of equipment to Norway’s Military.

Mohawk NORSK Square

Norway was the first country to adopt the Ops Core FAST Helmet on a wide-scale basis for regular troops.  The Mohawk NORSK is made with authentic Norwegian national camouflage pattern material, comes in two sizes, and will bring added helmet-borne functionality to Norwegian troops using the OpsCore FAST helment.

“We enjoyed working with Agilite on this project to allow us to provide another unique high quality tactical product to Norwegian forces. The combination of our experience with Norway’s Military, Law Enforcement and Security units and Agilite’s excellent level of design and manufacture not far from Europe, is always a winning combination.” said Joachim Riise, CEO of Rigg As Tactical Group.

For more details and unit orders contact Tore Haugli at:, or check out and

For Agilite Custom design projects contact

UF PRO® “Silent Warrior” Sniper Smock and Trousers

Previously only available as a restricted, special item for European military and law enforcement special operations units, UF PRO is now offering their innovative, purpose-designed and built “Silent Warrior” Sniper Suit on the open market too.


The UF PRO® Silent Warrior Sniper Suit is designed to fulfill the highly demanding requirements of professional scouts and snipers.  As the functional, camouflaged outer-layer of a multiple-layer garment system, it has to provide all the specific features to support the user’s role;  it has to protect against the ingress of insects; and it has to provide superb camouflage and concealment performance in the visual and near-Infra-Red spectrum.


As the Silent Warrior suit is worn as an over garment it is tailored with a looser cut than UF PRO’s Striker XT BDU system, so that it can be easily adjusted to fit over different base, insulation, and wet weather protection layers.

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SCDTV’s applied show-off

SCDTV have been up to their antics again.


This time its with a gallery of photos where you can see a bunch of nice gear from Applied Orange, Wisport, Stronghold Group,, SAGear, and Splinter Custom Ghillie – all put through its paces in the woods by Dudek and Irek of SCDTV.


What the gallery also does really well to provide a good direct comparison between the PenCott-GreenZone and MultiCam Tropic camouflage patterns – this is the first time we’ve seen anybody do such a direct side-by-side comparison.


Full Photo Gallery Here

Its official – the US Army adopts ‘Scorpion’ camouflage pattern

Some news sources are calling this the Army’s “new” new camouflage pattern - well guess what, it was actually developed more than 10 years ago, it was the precursor to MultiCam, it was not pursued further originally becuase it didn’t out-perform other patterns by a substantial enough margin, and it was in fact dropped from the Phase IV trials becuase it looked too much like MultiCam….

Read the full story, and history, at Soldier Systems Daily:


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