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UF PRO P-40 Pants: Performance in any climate

The unique design and special features of UF PRO’s P-40 Pants provide the wearer with excellent mobility and comfort in hot or cold climates.


To find out how, go here.

UF PRO : Introducing RAL 7013 – the original all-terrain color

In use for more than a century, the RAL 7013 Brown-Grey colour has proven to be one of the most versatile colors for a wide range of operational end-uses.  Whether being used for military, police or civilian end-use, the Brown-Grey colour blends into a broad specter of surroundings and compliments a wide range of other plain colours and camouflage patterns.


Under the traditional “RAL 7013″ color code, Brown-Grey gear is becoming more and more popular within Special Forces, because of its efficiency in arid, urban and woodland environments.  It provides a very subtle appearance and allows the operator to nicely blend in, at day and at night.



Check out all the UF PRO® gear in RAL 7013 here.

Helikon-Tex now available from Recon Company

A whole host of Helikon-Tex products are now available through Recon Company – the German based, global tactical and outdoor gear super retailer.

You can browse the entire inventory at

And in honor of the partnership, Recon Company have also shared that awesome PenCott CPU video from Helikon again:

Helikon video grab

More on the roll-out of Scorpion W2 (OCP) camo ACUs

By Army Public Affairs, WASHINGTON (Army News Service, July 31, 2014)

The Army has confirmed what Soldiers have been hearing rumors of for months now – a new camouflage pattern for combat uniforms is on the way with a number of improvements.

Beginning in the fall of 2015, the Army will begin issuing to new Soldiers an Army Combat Uniform that bears the Operational Camouflage Pattern. That same uniform will also become available in military clothing sales stores in the summer of 2015.

Soldiers are expected to retire their current uniform and begin wearing the new pattern by the summer of 2018.

The uniform bearing the new pattern will be largely the same as what Soldiers wear now, except that the lower leg pockets will be closed by a button instead of the “hook and loop” fabric fastener on the current Army Combat Uniform, or ACU. Soldiers complained that fastener made too much noise in combat environments, officials said. The insert pockets for knee pads and elbow pads will also be removed from the new uniform, according to Program Executive Office Soldier.


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OCP version 1 vs. OCP version 2

As we’ve mentioned before, the US Army has adopted the new “Scorpion W2″ camouflage pattern under the same acronym that they chose for MultiCam for use in Afghanistan.  To provide a bit more clarity, I’m calling them ‘OCP-1′ (Afghanistan) vs. ‘OCP-2′ (Scorpion W2).

OCP Side by Side Scorpion According to Eric Graves from Soldier Systems Daily, it appears that the Army’s rationale in adopting the same acronym for the new pattern is to get around the wording of the 2014 NDAA which stipulated that the services could not adopt any new, service-specific camouflage patterns.  It also appears that part of the rationale is logistical, as no new NSN numbers would need to be created and no existing contracts would need to be altered or cancelled.  In effect, the roll-out just becomes an update to the current specification for pre-existing contracts. Continue reading

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