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The Classic ‘Woolly Pully’ Commando Sweater

Wool has been a staple fabric for hard-wearing outdoor clothing for centuries.  Although it went out of fashion for a while in recent decades, its been making a comeback in recent years.  As one example, Prometheus Design Werx recently released their updated take on a classic Mountain Shirt design.  The US Army is also currently experimenting with various special lightweight wool-blend fabrics for camouflage combat uniforms – yes, seriously, look here.

On the other hand, while fashions come and go, some classics never really go out of style.  One of my favourite classic styles is the ‘Woolly Pully’ or ‘Commando’ sweater.  Back in the ’80’s when I was in the Army, we had a black v-neck Woolly Pully that was authorized for wear with the Class B Dress Uniform.  The USMC also had the classic crew-neck olive green Woolly Pully for their version of Class B’s (which is also still an authorized wear item too it seems).  In the 82nd Abn. Division the crew-neck olive green Woolly Pully was quite popular as a mid-layer under our BDU tops in the winter as well.

While I was reading up on the US Army’s new affinity for wool and also checking out the Wilderness Utility Top from Prometheus Design Werx, I got thinking about those old Wooly Pully sweaters and how much I loved the ones I had back in the day.  So I jumped on Google and went looking to see if they were still available anywhere…

USMC specification Woolly Pully sweaters in Olive Green and Navy Blue are available from 'The Marine Shop' at

USMC specification Woolly Pully sweaters in Olive Green and Navy Blue are available from ‘The Marine Shop’ at

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Prometheus Design Werx – Wilderness Utility Top

While not exactly ‘tactical’, this product definitely has cross-over appeal…  The new ‘Wilderness Utility Top’ from Prometheus Design Werx features high-quality heritage materials, proven modern performance design, and Made-in-USA quality workmanship.

Cut in a style reminiscent of traditional rugged outdoors ‘jac-shirts’, the PDW Wilderness Utility Top puts a thoroughly modern and updated twist on this garment category, and creates a whole new class for itself.  Channeling the spirits of Jeremiah Johnson, John Muir, and Hugh Glass, the PDW ‘WUT’ is crafted for those who feel truly at home in the forests, mountains, and wilderness.  The WUT uses a fine blend tried and tested heritage wool Melton and a modern, function-first utilitarian design to create a style that will be lived in and relied on year after year.

Prometheus Design Werx Wilderness Utility Top

Cut in an updated jac-shirt / shirt-jac silhouette, the WUT features a relaxed fit that’s designed to be worn like a jacket over a light mid-layer.  Alternatively, buy a size smaller and wear it with just a base-layer as a stand-alone outer garment or ‘mountain man shirt’.  The cut also allows a great range and freedom of movement uncommon in heavy-weight outdoor shirts.

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COMING SOON: Delta OL 3.0 Cold Weather Ensemble from UF PRO

UF PRO first designed and built a cold weather clothing system for a military customer 12 years ago.  Later on, they developed the first generation of their Delta OL system which was adopted by the German Special Forces.  I sure wish we’d had this gear when we did Arctic Warfare training in Alaska at -50 degrees…

Having a former German Army Mountain Soldier as their head of R&D and product development, and building on their successful track record of equipping European Special Forces, UF PRO are making quite a name for themselves in the cold and extreme cold weather clothing arena.  Have a look through their website and you’ll see that they have everything from very nice, and innovative, base-layers, through to mid-layers and outer garments.  I can personally attest to the quality and performance of their gear too.  I’ve been using several pieces of UF PRO’s cold weather gear for the past 3 years, and they’ve kept me warm and dry through the worst that New England winters can throw at me.


Their latest outer garment is the Delta OL 3.0 cold weather suit.  It will be in stock on their website soon, but in the meantime they’ve provided an in-depth ‘sneak peek’.

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Ultralight All-Weather Uniform Set from BE-X Combat Gear

Under their professional milspec brand ‘FronTier One’, BE-X Combat Gear has released their new ultralight, windproof, water resistant, uniform set in PenCott® GreenZone® camouflage.


All items in this set are made from genuine US MilSpec 50D polyester fabric with a durable water resistant finish – this is the exact same fabric used by the US Marine Corps for its snow camouflage over suit and by the US Air Force for its physical training shell suit.  The fabric is rugged, lightweight, windproof, water repellent and unbelieveably fast drying!


Combining the fantastic properties of this fabric with the outstanding concealment performance of PenCott® GreenZone® camouflage, produces a set of clothing that will serve many purposes, all year round.

As part of the BE-X ‘FronTier One’ range, the full set includes;

  • Windproof Softshell Jacket
  • Windproof Softshell Trousers
  • Cold Weather Primaloft Anorak

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UF PRO® – Monsoon Rain Shirt®

The company that has put Slovenia on the tactical clothing map, has introduced a new addition to their Monsoon waterproof range – the new Monsoon Rain Shirt® .


The lightweight, low bulk Monsoon Rain Shirt® from UF PRO® is specifically designed to be worn underneath a plate carrier, chest rig or other load-bearing gear. It’s made out of a special laminate mix, which makes the jacket thin, breathable and lightweight where it is covered with gear and very robust and extra durable wherever it is not.

monsoon_rain_shirt_laminatesExposed areas, like shoulders, lower back and sleeves are made out of a robust and durable 3-layer laminate. The rest of the jacket is made out of an extremely lightweight and low bulk 2.5-layer laminate. Both laminates are based on a super breathable and reliably waterproof high-tech membrane. For better wear comfort and reduced risk of secondary fragments, there are no pockets or zipper pulls in the torso area.

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