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Too Cool for School – 30% off at Grey Ghost Gear

GreyGhostGear_header2013There are 3 words to evoke dread in most children and young adults - back to school.  There is little you can do to mitigate this feeling of doom – promise the young ones a good recess; promise the older ones a wet t-shirt contest on the beach during Spring Break, perhaps guarantee them a job other than fast food service upon graduation…

But you can get them a good pack to carry their books though.  A bag that says, “I am higher on the food chain than the dorks you stuff into lockers, no need to steal my lunch money. I’m neither hipster nor hippie.  I know good gear when I see it and I deploy to the school yard with the same level of gear that my daddy (or mommy) deployed to Dirkka-Dirkkastan with.”


In other words, cheer up the dejected and miserable students in your life with a Grey Ghost Gear Lightweight Assault Pack in ATACS FG, PenCott-BadLands or GreenZone; a Stealth Operator Pack in grey, grey diamond or ATACS FG. A Legacy Pack in Coyote Brown, MultiCam or one of 3 Kryptek patterns – Highlander, Mandrake or Typhon.  

Once all those packs, patterns and colors are gone they’re gone!  Miss your chance now and you’ll be mourning the missed opportunity for generations to come.

Buy one, buy three.  But buy now, before it’s too late!



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C-202 F.PC MG Vest: A Plate And Ammo Carrier Vest For Machine Gunners

This is a ‘first glimpse’ review of the C-202 F.PC MG Vest made by OSO Gear in collaboration with Project Gecko.    We were so impressed by the originality of the thinking behind this piece of equipment, the pragmatic approach to its design, and the practicality and efficiency of its features that we asked Eliran of Project Gecko to share this in-depth ‘sneak peak’ with with us.

Words and photography by: Eliran Feildboy, former IDF special forces and CEO of Project Gecko


The C-202 F.PC MG Vest is a front-plate machine-gunner vest – on the back there is no plate, but a panel of breathable mesh material.  The idea of an ‘exposed’ back, without no plates or pouches came out of the operational need for having a specific back pack.

Every machinegunner will tell you proudly how much more he carried than his fellow team-mates. Regardless of whether its  special-ops or regular infantry, the typical machine-gunner must carry various additional tools & other accessories to ensure his efficiency in the field.

So, there is a need for a practical vest that will distribute as evenly, and handily, as possible the weight of the gunner’s ammunition & tools to enable him to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Direct Action GHOST® Backpack arriving in stores now

The latest news from Direct Action (Helikon Tex’s ‘real deal’ line) is that their GHOST® Backpacks will be hitting stores by the end of this week.


The GHOST® (MSRP – 139 EUROs) is Direct Action’s take on a mid-size patrol pack (28 + 3.5 Litre), and features their patented Combat Vent System padded back.


The backpack also features:

  •  laser-cut PALS panels throughout
  • two hydration bladder pockets
  • a detachable external pocket with internal organizer
  • comfortable S-profiled shoulder straps and wide removable hip belt for better weight distribution
  • Made of rugged, milspec, 500D Cordura® nylon fabric with a durable water resistant coating

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Friday Foto

All of this “new” tacti-cool grey kit reminds me of something…..



IA Universal Covert Shoulder Rig

Intelligent Armour’s new Universal Covert Shoulder Rig was developed from the company’s older H&K MP5 A3 and MP5K covert shoulder rigs. The Universal Covert Shoulder Rig is suitable for most “sub” size weapons – including compact / PDW type assault rifles.

The Covert Shoulder Rig is Made-In-The-UK and is designed to fit under most clothing, but will work best with jackets and long coats.


The upper section is made of leather and rests on the shoulders. It is adjustable in the center of the shoulder blades for a better fit. In all there are four points of adjustment that allow the rig to adjust to just about any body size.

The sling incorporates the military specification HK Snap Hook, and the sling comes in two sizes: short and long.  The sling can also be customized by the manufacturer to meet specific user requirements.

The MOLLE panel has adjustable belt loops, and is adjustable at the top so it can snugly fit under the arm.


If you have to covertly carry some serious heat, then the Universal Covert Shoulder Rig from Intelligent Armour might be just the solution you need.

Visit their website for full details.


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