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Introducing DynStrike Clothing and Equipment Systems

DYNSTRIKE® was founded with the aim of providing high-quality, modern, ergonomic and mission-flexible custom clothing and equipment systems for military and law enforcement professionals.


The development of DYNSTRIKE® clothing and equipment systems is done with the direct input and feedback from professional users to ensure that practical details are incorporated right from the start of development.

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Direct Action Gear Independence Day Sale!

Celebrate FREEDOM with 20% off all items in stock at Direct Action Gear USA from July 4-6!


Direct Action ‘Dragon Egg’ pack as a bug-out bag

The “Living Survival” YouTube channel has done an in-depth review of the ‘Dragon Egg’ pack from Direct Action.

Their verdict?  “The Dragon Egg is perfect for a bugout bag or get home bag and has all the features I look for when selecting a pack. High quality and organization that makes sense.”

Check it out:

Living Survival Dragon Egg review

Click on the image above to launch the video.

Direct Action USA expands to become Direct Action North America!

Direct Action has expanded their footprint in North America and now serves both the USA and Canada.  They’ve also made it even easier for customers in North America to purchase their products…


Direct Action is a fast growing company and are working hard to bring their full expanded product line to North America within the next few months.  In the meantime, you can find all of their current product and color options on the Direct Action website, including:

  • PENCOTT-GREENZONE: Now available on all Direct Action packs and bags.  GreenZone is great for verdant temperate, tropical and semi-tropical terrain.


  • SHADOW GREY: Now available on all Direct Action packs and bags. Shadow Grey is a great color for urban environments and low-profile operations.


  • MULTICAM: Only available for the Dust Backpack. Is a proven camo for multi-environment concealment.


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Grey Ghost Rifle Case

If you’re in Nashville for the NRA show this week/week-end, then you’ll probably have a chance to see these first-hand.  The Grey Ghost Gear Rifle Case is something a little different from the cheap rifle bags you see elsewhere.

For a start, its lined with hook and loop so you can infinitely customize rifle ride positions, and add additional patches, pouches, or holsters.  Of course, Grey Ghost’s own line of Orange Diamond Concealment pouches can be fully integrated. There is also a set of generous zippered mesh pouches on the inner lid to secure loose items such as range cards, magazines, notepads, and other shooting accoutrement.

Grey Ghost Rifle case

The Grey Ghost Rifle Bag is versatile too.  Rifles up to 38” long can fit without issue and larger rifles can easily be secured if broken down, leaving plenty of space for a spotting scope, NVGs, or a handgun or two.

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