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Tactical Tailor RHINO RUCK

Tactical Tailor’s RHINO RUCK was developed at the request of a SOCOM client that required an updated ALICE pack tailored to the communicator who is required to deploy across the full spectrum of airborne operations.

IMG_4130The RHINO is a static-line and Military Free-Fall jumpable ruck. It is purpose built around the STRRLS, H-Harness, Harness Single Point Release, and the Parachutist Drop Bag.

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LifeStraw® Personal Emergency Survival Water Filter

The LifeStraw® removes 99.99% Bacteria/Parasites, allowing you to safely drink water from contaminated water sources. Its ideal for emergency situations such as earthquakes or floods, or field situations where the local water sources may be questionable.

LifeStraw is manufactured by Vestergaard Frandsen, a Swiss company that specializes in disease control products for developing countries, it won the Time magazine award of “Best Invention of the Year” in 2005, and it has been proven effective in use under harsh conditions worldwide in harsh conditions since its introduction.


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Grey Ghost Gear and Tactical Tailor Announce Strategic Partnership

Hot News from Tactical Tailor and Grey Ghost Gear:

“We have gotten into the fashion of talking of cavalry tactics, artillery tactics, and infantry tactics. This distinction is nothing but a mere abstraction. There is but one art, and that is the tactics of the combined arms.”
— Maj. Gerald Gilbert, The Evolution of Tactics, 1907

“Shit, it’s the Blues Brothers!”
— Matt Murphy, 1980

ALCON: Bring it in, take a knee, listen up. Tactical Tailor is joining Grey Ghost Gear in a strategic alliance the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Jake got out of prison and rejoined Elwood Blue.

Tactical Tailor is a Tacoma, Washington based manufacturer of US-made, Berry Amendment compliant tactical gear. Grey Ghost Gear is a ‘boutique’ manufacturer of bad ass niche kit headquartered in Dalton, ID. Both companies are Veteran owned, and GGG is Service Connected Disables Veteran classified company. Like the Blues Brothers, both can do big things by themselves…but it’s when they get together that things get epic.

IMG_2854Tactical Tailor 2-piece Modular Assualt Vest made for an order from the Japanese Ground Self-Defence Force

Jared_Taylor_Sandstorm_packGrey Ghost Gear Lightweight Assualt Pack in PenCott-Sandstorm™ camouflage

“The two companies have done some work together before, but not like this,” says CEO (and former 2/75 Ranger) Casey Ingels. “Tac Tailor will be working with Grey Ghost much more consistently. We’ll leverage the unique strengths of both companies to increase our offering to the end users that will let us put some things in the field that will change everything.”

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5.11 Tactical acquires Beyond Clothing

This is big news.  5.11 Tactical is a huge global brand, and Beyond Clothing is a highly respected specialist brand, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.  But one thing is definitely certain – it has the potential to develop into something very cool indeed.


At this stage though, all we really have to go by is the official press release:

5.11 Tactical, the global innovator of tactical gear, today announced its acquisition of Beyond, a highly technical performance clothing company that builds custom American-made apparel. The acquisition enhances 5.11 Tactical’s domestic manufacturing, product innovation and rapid prototyping capabilities, while providing Beyond with an expanded infrastructure to meet the global needs of the extreme purpose built customer, such as winter expeditionary teams, alpinists, and Special Operations communities. Industry veteran Rick Elder has been appointed as president of Beyond, which will continue to operate as a separate division of 5.11 Tactical in Seattle, Washington, while Beyond Founder Scott Jones will move into the role of chief designer.

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Product Spotlight: The Jerven Fjellduken – Norway’s mountain bag in mountain camo for mountain folk

A friend of mine from Norway emailed me today, and in the course of discussing camouflage he asked me if I knew of this awesome piece of kit.  I did recognise it, having seen something about it in Combat & Survival magazine a few years ago, but I couldn’t actually remember its name or any details about it.  And I suspect that unless you have a better memory than me, or you’re a Norwegian hunter, or a Nordic or Scandinavian special operations soldier, you probably don’t know much about it either.  So let’s take a closer look…

Do you see it?

In addition to the protective qualities of the Fjellduken – which is constructed of non-breathable, aluminum-lined water and wind-proof material – it is also available with a unique, photo-realistic “mountain camouflage” pattern printed on the outer-side.  As the photos above and below amply demonstrate, this pattern can be extremely effective in the right location.

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