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Where Stealth Meets Speed

It’s quiet, has a low heat signature, it emits no exhaust, and its simple and easy to operate. Best of all, its incredibly fast! Introducing Zero Motorcycles’ MMX, an electric motorcycle that is ideal for special operators and stealthy missions…

mmx 600 429 Where Stealth Meets Speed

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US Army begins fielding the Army Mountainee​ring Kit (AMK)

The US Army’s Program Executive Office Soldier recently began fielding the new Army Mountaineering Kit (AMK) to the Army Mountain Warfare School.  Mountaineering kit is not only useful in mountainous terrain – such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Caucasus, etc. – but also in urban environments too.

AMK in use

Soldiers had been using the old Special Forces kit – but some of that older equipment does not meet international standards.  Some units were also buying replacement gear (ropes, etc) from commercial sources, which means not all mountaineering equipment is the same from unit to unit. 


In response to Soldier feedback, PEO Soldier developed the new AMK.  All of the equipment in the new AMK meets the standards of the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation, which is known as the Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme (UIAA). 

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COMMANDO Tactical Vehicle from Hendrick Dynamics

Our friends at MOTUS recently got an up close and personal look at this bad boy that’s based on the Jeep Wrangler platform.


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US Marines new Amphibious Combat Vehicle

From Breaking Defense, April 2, 2014
- written by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr.
- additional imagery inserted by Strike-Hold!

The Marines are about to move out sharply with their once-stalled Amphibious Combat Vehicle, the smallest service’s biggest program. After years of uncertainty and a last-minute change of course that came too late to make it into the administration’s budget request for 2015, the Marines will soon announce their new strategy for something they’re calling an ACV. It will be much more modest than the revolutionary Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle the Corps once envisioned…

What the USMC won't be getting - the Advanced Amphibious Combat Vehicle; aka., the Expeditionary Combat Vehicle.

What the USMC won’t be getting – the Advanced Amphibious Combat Vehicle; aka., the Expeditionary Combat Vehicle(source: Wikipedia)

“We are doing well with the ACV,” Marine Commandant Gen. James Amos said at the Atlantic Council Tuesday afternoon. “We are about to go public with the way forward on it. It’s affordable, ladies and gentlemen, it’s doable, and we can have our cake and eat it too here. So we’re pretty excited about it.”

Amos was short on details at the event and slipped into the elevator a step ahead of pursuing journalists afterwards. But his staff referred me to Manny Pacheco, spokesman for the Marine Corps’s Program Executive Office (PEO) Land Systems.

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Jankel Jeep J8 ‘Pegasus’ Special Operations Vehicle

Based on the rugged and reliable Jeep J8 platform, the ‘Pegasus’ is an air-transportable, light strike capable, Special Operations Vehicle.

Jankel are the official worldwide partner with Chrysler for the sale of the Jeep J8 Family of Military Vehicles. Variants include Troop Carriers, Utility Vehicles and Patrol Vehicles. The Pegasus is the most advanced of these vehicles.

Pegasus J8

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