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US Marines new Amphibious Combat Vehicle

From Breaking Defense, April 2, 2014
– written by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr.
– additional imagery inserted by Strike-Hold!

The Marines are about to move out sharply with their once-stalled Amphibious Combat Vehicle, the smallest service’s biggest program. After years of uncertainty and a last-minute change of course that came too late to make it into the administration’s budget request for 2015, the Marines will soon announce their new strategy for something they’re calling an ACV. It will be much more modest than the revolutionary Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle the Corps once envisioned…

What the USMC won't be getting - the Advanced Amphibious Combat Vehicle; aka., the Expeditionary Combat Vehicle.

What the USMC won’t be getting – the Advanced Amphibious Combat Vehicle; aka., the Expeditionary Combat Vehicle(source: Wikipedia)

“We are doing well with the ACV,” Marine Commandant Gen. James Amos said at the Atlantic Council Tuesday afternoon. “We are about to go public with the way forward on it. It’s affordable, ladies and gentlemen, it’s doable, and we can have our cake and eat it too here. So we’re pretty excited about it.”

Amos was short on details at the event and slipped into the elevator a step ahead of pursuing journalists afterwards. But his staff referred me to Manny Pacheco, spokesman for the Marine Corps’s Program Executive Office (PEO) Land Systems.

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Royal Marines conduct amphibious raid on abandoned Cold War submarine base

The personnel of 42 Commando, based in Plymouth, and part of the Lead Commando Group (LCG), are honing their skills for contingent operations – where they must be ready to react at a moment’s notice – as part of the Royal Navy deployment named Cougar 13.

As dawn broke over an abandoned former Cold War submarine base a series of explosions announced the arrival of the Royal Marines as they began a full scale amphibious attack. As part of Exercise Albanian Lion, the Marines landed on the shores of Sazan island and, amid a scenario based around smugglers, social unrest and the rise of terrorist groups, the Commandos attacked the hostile nation from the sea by climbing cliff faces in darkness to surprise the enemy.

An enemy position is destroyed by a simulated air attack during the Commando Assault onto Sazan Island. Photo by PO(Phot) Sean Clee

An enemy position is destroyed by a simulated air attack.
Photo by PO(Phot) Sean Clee

Unbeknown to the ‘smugglers’ hiding out on the Albanian island, they had been observed for the last few days by the Royal Marines Surveillance Reconnaissance Squadron (SRS).  Once a picture had been built of the enemy locations the initial dawn attack was initiated by explosions which simulated bombs dropped from RAF Hawk Jets.

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Royal Marines begin Exercise ALBANIAN LION

A large-scale exercise which will see more than 600 Royal Marines hone their skills alongside their Albanian counterparts is now underway.

Exercise Albanian Lion is the first major outing for the Response Force Task Group (RFTG) – a Royal Naval force comprising 4 warships and 5 support vessels which are exercising in the Mediterranean and Gulf over the next 3 months under the name Cougar 13.

SH130030032gRoyal Marines training alongside their Albanian counterparts.  {Photo: Petty Officer (Photographer) Sean Clee, Crown copyright}

The exercise will see the Lead Commando Group of 42 Commando, the Royal Marines unit that stands ready to react to events anywhere in the world, carry out a series of mock assaults on enemy positions near Bise designed to improve their core amphibious warfare skills.

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Royal Marines and French counterparts strengthen ties during Exercise Corsican Lion

The Royal Marines are further strengthening ties between the militaries of the UK and France as they take part in Exercise Corsican Lion in the Mediterranean.

Royal Marines from 3 Commando Brigade are working alongside their French counterparts to develop the new Combined Joint Expeditionary Force – a specialist amphibious fighting unit that can take part in a range of land operations.

Royal Marines from 3 Commando Brigade taking part in a beach landing exercise in Corsica alongside their French Marines counterparts.
Picture: Petty Officer (Photographer) Sean Clee, Crown Copyright/MOD 2012

Transferred from Royal Navy warships such as HMS Bulwark – the fleet flagship, the Marines are injected onto the land via boat or helicopter from where they can go directly into combat with land forces.

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MiliPol Qatar – NAUTIRAID SB Commando MK VI folding kayak

When we think of the middle east we tend to think about the land-locked seas of sand, and maybe overlook the military significance of the seas around the region. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of things on display at MiliPol Qatar that involved getting when when using them that we shouldn’t have any trouble remembering the water-borne nature of much of the work in the region.

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