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Lithuania – what we have to know about resistance

The first unified Kingdom of Lithuania was created in July 1253.  During the 14th Century, Lithuania was the largest country in Europe.  In 1569 Lithuania and Poland formed a voluntary two-state union called the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth that lasted for more than two centuries until 1795 when most of Lithuania was annexed into the Russian Empire.

lith-mmap-mdMap of Lithuania and surrounding countries.  Image courtesy of

Lithuania’s history throughout the 20th Century was similar to Estonia’s – independant after WWI, occupied first by the Soviet Union in 1940, then Nazi Germany in 1941, and then annexed by the Soviet Union in 1944.  Lithuania remained part of the USSR until gaining its independence in 1990.  Lithuania became a member of NATO and of the European Union in the spring of 2004.

lt_kasp_pag4Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Forces during international mission in Afghanistan.  Copyright: Ministry of National Defence Republic of Lithuania

Militarily, the Lithuanian Armed Forces consist of some 15,000 active personnel, and currently have deployed personnel on international missions in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Mali and Somalia.  Like the Estonians, the Lithuanians also remember all too well the realities of Soviet / Russian occupation, and have also been watching anxiously as the Russian bear has once again started to flex its muscles and stretch its claws.

In response to the new security climate, the Lithuanians reinstated national conscription in 2015, and also recently released their own version of a guerilla manual to the country’s citizens.


The complete 76-page manual is available online, but if you can’t read Lithuanian, our friends at Breach-Bang-Clear have very helpfully posted a rough English translation of the text.  You can read all about it here:  Lithuanian Guerrilla Warfare Manual Translated To English

The Science Behind the Soldier: ‘Grunt’ by Mary Roach

Hot on the heels of our last article about Natick Labs came this online article from ‘The National Geographic’ about a new book by renowned author Mary Roach:


Mary Roach, a self-confessed “goober with a flashlight,” has created a niche for books with one-word titles—Gulp (on the digestive system); Bonk (on the science of sex)—that take a funny, and informed, look at the scientific secrets of everyday things. In her latest book, Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War, she goes behind the scenes of modern warfare to celebrate the unsung heroes of military science, who do everything from design high-tech clothing for the battlefield to perform penis transplants—all in the name of keeping soldiers “alive and comfortable.”

Read the full interview here:



D-Day 72

Today we mark the 72nd Anniversary of the “D-Day” landings in Normandy, France.  We especially commemorate and honor the courageous legacy of the American, British and Canadian paratroopers who led the way – jumping at night behind enemy lines and supported only by what equipment and ammunition they could carry.

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Frag Out! magazine is out

The English-language international edition of Frag Out! Magazine is up and running!

Frag Out

The premiere issue features:

  • HK416A5 gun pr0n
  • CZ805 BREN
  • Arc’teryx Khard 45
  • MSBS-5,56 Bull-pup Assault Rifle from Poland
  • TCCC – Combat Medicine
  • SPECOPS ULPC – Ultra Light Plate Carrier
  • Direct Action Gear
  • AK Assault Rifle Basic Training

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Private Military Contractor International

Published by a friend of our’s, Private Military Contractor International is a digital magazine specifically for PMC Operatives and companies involved in the Private Military and Security sectors.

Written by individuals with many years of experience in their particular field, each issue will contain a mix of product reviews, news and general interest features, as well as social and lifestyle articles.



Find publication on Joomag here.

Find on itunes here.

PDF of publication here.

Find PMCI on Facebook here.

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