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Frag Out! magazine is out

The English-language international edition of Frag Out! Magazine is up and running!

Frag Out

The premiere issue features:

  • HK416A5 gun pr0n
  • CZ805 BREN
  • Arc’teryx Khard 45
  • MSBS-5,56 Bull-pup Assault Rifle from Poland
  • TCCC – Combat Medicine
  • SPECOPS ULPC – Ultra Light Plate Carrier
  • Direct Action Gear
  • AK Assault Rifle Basic Training

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Private Military Contractor International

Published by a friend of our’s, Private Military Contractor International is a digital magazine specifically for PMC Operatives and companies involved in the Private Military and Security sectors.

Written by individuals with many years of experience in their particular field, each issue will contain a mix of product reviews, news and general interest features, as well as social and lifestyle articles.



Find publication on Joomag here.

Find on itunes here.

PDF of publication here.

Find PMCI on Facebook here.

OSPREY Publishing: Modern African Wars (4) – The Congo 1960 – 2002

Osprey’s first title in the Men-At-Arms “Modern African Wars” series-within-a-series appeared in 1986, and the series has been a big hit ever since.

The first title was “Modern African Wars (1) Rhodesia 1965-80”, followed by “Modern African Wars (2) Angola and Mozambique 1961-74” and “Modern African Wars (3) South-West Africa”.  The latest title brings the series more up to date, and provides insight into the long and brutal series of conflicts over the past 40+ years that have turned this resource-rich area into one of the most brutal, dysfunctional hell-holes on the planet.


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Osprey Publishing launches COMBAT series

The new COMBAT series from Osprey Publishing pits history’s adversaries against one another – from Napoleon’s invasion of Russia to the American Civil War, and from the Zulu wars of southern Africa to WWII airborne forces in the Mediterranean, and from ancient Rome to modern times.

COMBAT uses split-screen artwork to show key moments in battle from both sides’ perspective that offers a first-hand glimpse of war through the eyes of those who fought. The series also features first hand accounts, expert analysis, photographs, maps and specially commissioned colour plates in a unique combination that will immerse the reader in the experience of close quarter battle.

9781780969244Out now is the first book of the series, “British Paratrooper vs Fallschirmjäger:  Mediterranean 1942–43”.  Written by David Greentree and illustrated by Johnny Shumate, ‘Para vs. Fallschi’ provides an up-close-and-personal look at the pioneering airborne forces of Britain and Germany during the critical mid-war period when they were being used primarily as elite light infantry units fighting in the hot environment and difficult terrain of the Mediterranean theatre.

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Osprey Publishing’s Black Friday Sale

Get 25% off all of Osprey’s books today only the 23rd of November 2012.

To mark the traditional start of Christmas shopping in the US, the day after Thanksgiving known as “Black Friday”,  Osprey thought it would be a good excuse for a sale.  For one day only, you’ll be able to get 25% off of ALL of Osprey’s books.

The “Black Friday” discount will also be applied on top of any membership discounts, which makes for an enticing 40% off all books for Silver membership holders, and 55% of for Gold membership holders!

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