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KOMMANDO magazine – Einsatzkommando COBRA using PenCott-GreenZone

The Nov-Dec. issue of KOMMANDO – International Special Operations Magazine features an up-close look at the new Sniper Smock and Trousers and Combat Field Shirt from SABRE that are being used by Austria’s legendary Einsatzkommando “COBRA” anti-terrorist / special operations unit of the Federal Police.

Below is an English translation of the article – a link to the PDF of the original article is also included below the translation.  The studio photos of the SABRE products are from German tactical gear retailer RECON COMPANY.

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KOMMANDO magazine’s International English Edition #1

I picked up an advance copy of this long-awaited publication at the SHOT Show, but now comes the official announcement from K-ISOM HQ:

The first KOMMANDO International English Edition #1 (former German SPEZIAL # 3) “Small Arms of German Special Ops units” (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg) is now ready for mail-order from Germany.  The magazine is 112 pages, full color, in English language and printed on high-quality glossy paper.

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KOMMANDO, Issue 15

If you’ve got time to read at the moment – I don’t! – then you should definitely pick up the latest copy of KOMMANDO.  Of course, if you can’t read German then I guess you won’t exactly be “reading” it – but its always worth  it just for the photographs alone.  One of the highlights in this issue is a report on the new HK 121 7.62mm GPMG.  Could the venerable old MG3 have a serious competitor at last?On a side note, many of you have written to me asking how to get a subscription to KOMMANDO – the details are:Single issue: 6,50 €One year subscription: 6 x 6,50 = 39€EU shipping rulesYour Data: Forename, Surname, Address, City, ZIP Code, Country/State

Lots of kuhl stuff from KOMMANDO – International Special Operations Magazine

The latest issue of KOMMANDO has been out for a couple of weeks now, and as usual is packed full of great articles, superb photography and excellent reviews.Also released recently is KOMMANDO’s first MISSIONS special edition, this one covering counter-insurgency operations in Afghanistan.  Their coverage begins with “Operation Infinite Reach” in 1998, then jumps ahead to “Operation Infinite Justice” in 2001, and then devotes the rest of the 204 pages to “Operation Enduring Freedom” and ISAF up to 2010.Also just released is the latest special edition from KOMMANDO, this one covering the “Waffen und Ausruestung deutscher Sondereinheiten: Polizei und Militaer” (Weapons and Equipment of German Special Units: Police and Military).  This volume does exactly what it says on the tin, its 112 pages of up-close-and-personal, original reportage and photography providing an almost overwhelming amount of detail about everything from machine guns to multi-tools, pistols to pyrotechnics and everything in between.One of my favourite things about this edition is that it presents a few interesting looks back at historical units and loadouts, as well as the most up to-date and ultra-modern gear.  Check out these two examples below that brilliantly illustrate how far things have come in the past 20-30 years.And finally, KOMMANDO have some kool kit in their shop now as well, such as this series of great wall posters:And these rather nice t-shirts too:Visit KOMMANDO’s website for all this and more:

KOMMANDO – International Special Operations Magazine

The May-June 2009 edition is out now – and its another high-quality, in-depth, up-close, 80-page package of goodness.  Even though the magazine is 95% in German language, the plethora of top-notch photography makes it easy to get the gist of what’s going on, and makes each issue an invaluable reference guide.Highlights from this issue are a feature article about Special Operations Platoon 313 (HALO/HAHO) of the German airborne forces; a blow-by-blow account of Israel’s recent operation in the Gaza Strip; part 2 of an up-close-and-personal look at the snipers’ weapons and equipment of Germany’s KSK; in training and on patrol with the Utah SWAT Joint Special Operations Group; and much  www.k-isom.comcover_klein_k-isom_5_copyright_sj_publications-2

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