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US Army begins fielding M3 Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle

US Army light infantry units are to be equipped with the Saab 84 mm Carl Gustaf M3 Multi-role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapon System (MAAWS) as a standard issue tactical support weapon by late 2016.

The M3 is now officially an organic weapon system within each army combat platoon, and will initially be fielded within selected Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (IBCTs), which will now train, maintain, and sustain the M3 as part of the IBCT organisational structure. Going forward, all brigade combat teams will receive 27 Carl Gustaf launchers, about one per platoon.

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The M1 Jungle Carbine is back!

Inland’s .30 caliber Jungle Carbine is a faithful replica of the original 1944 and 1945 WWII combat carbine – fitted with a military-style conical flash hider, correct military model sights, original type low wood American Walnut wood stock with fittings.

Inland Manufacturing’s new American made Jungle Carbine has the added appeal that the barrel thread is 1/2-half-inch x 28 so the flash hider may be removed to fit a (legally registered) aftermarket sound suppressor or silencer if so desired.

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KDG SIDELOK™ Trijicon MRO Mount

The Kinetic Development Group SIDELOK™ optics mount for the Trijicon MRO is now in stock!

The SIDELOK MRO mount allows the user to achieve a lower 1/3 co-witness with flip up iron sights when mounted on the AR-15 or M4 carbine.


This lightweight aluminum mount uses KDG’s SIDELOK (pat. Pending) cam lock system to attach to picatinny rails instantly. With no tools needed to attach the mount, the user simply rocks their setup onto the chosen mounting space, and down onto the rail.  Once pressed down, the MRO mount self-locks, and the optic can be zeroed in the usual fashion.  Removal is equally fast, and can be accomplished with one hand even while wearing gloves.

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Inteliscope PRO+ Rifle Mount For Seek Thermal’s CompactXR Camera Now Shipping

Product showcases the first integration of Seek’s CompactXR thermal image camera into a night vision scope at a price point of less than $500.


Inteliscope LLC has announced that it is now shipping the patented Inteliscope PRO+ Rifle Mount for Seek Thermal’s award-winning CompactXR thermal imaging camera. Inteliscope is the first company to integrate the Compact XR into a night vision scope at a price point of $497.


Seek’s CompactXR can detect temperatures from -40° up to 626° Fahrenheit, with the ability to detect heat up to 1,800 feet away.  The $497 Inteliscope PRO+ Rifle Mount bundle provides a quality night vision experience for a fraction of the cost of stand-alone units.

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KDG launches the new Scarging Handle™ – SCAR ambidextrous charging handle

The Scarging handle fits both 5.56 and 7.62 NATO versions of the SCAR, and installs in seconds.

Designed by KDG’s Nathan Murr (A USMC veteran, and inventor of the GripStop), there was heavy input from operators in the field during the development process. The new design was focused on addressing the reported user complaints surrounding the factory FNH SCAR charging handle and its performance during hard use.

index2The radius-faced design, and swept geometry of the Scarging Handle allows the user to achieve a more solid grasp when manipulating the bolt. This allows for easier charging, clearing of stoppages, and administratively locking the firearm bolt to the rear. The shooter can choose between left or right side installation to match their hand dominance, and can rotate the Scarging Handle to either downward or upward sweep.


The downward sweep protects the hand from “busted knuckles” due to optics mounts by keeping it down and away from the weapon’s top. This also has the added benefit of additional leverage gained, and increased grasping surface for larger hands or when wearing gloves.  The Scarging handle can alternatively be installed with the curve upward, which provides the user a slick side receiver to prevent snagging or “SCAR Thumb” (i.e. having the reciprocating charging handle strike your hand when using a magwell hold or unconventional shooting method).

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