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Russian Army adopts AK-12

The Russian Ministry of Defense has selected Kalashnikov Concern’s AK-12 rifle to be the next standard-issue service weapon. Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov says that up to 70,000 AK-12s are expected to be delivered in 2015.


Read the full story over on The Firearm Blog…

Gen.2 PTR-32 Carbine family

PTR is very excited to announce that the GEN 2 PTR-32 (7.62×39) carbines are being unveiled at this year’s SHOT Show.

These 2nd generation PTR-32 carbines and PDW’s accept a larger variety of AK-47 magazines and drums, are more reliable and accurate than any AK, and are less expensive than the GEN 1 PTR32 rifles!

PTR32 aPTR32 bFor those that have been waiting… the wait is over. For those of you who aren’t aware….its time to discover the advantages of the American Evolution of the Roller-Lock Weapons System PTR delivers!

Visit PTR at the SHOT Show – booth #2043

Kinetic Development Group MREX rail for the SCAR

Kinetic Development Group (KDG) is proud to announce the debut of their first SCARcentric product – the MREX.

The SCAR is one of the most tested, reliable high-end weapons systems of our time. USSOCOM has put more rounds through the SCAR in testing than any other small arms platform in US history. Our forces have carried it into battle against our enemies on multiple continents. It can be accurately said that the SCAR is reliable and durable as an AK and as light and accurate (and nearly as ergonomic) as an AR15/M4.


It is a well engineered carbine…but what the heck happened when the FN Engineers designed the front end of the SCAR? Many shooters compare it to a 6 inch piece of 2×4 with cheese graters on all 4 sides! Where are you supposed to put your support hand if you have even one accessory mounted to those plastic rails?

Darren Mellors, David Loeser and AJ Lafferty, formerly of LWRCI, founded Kinetic Development Group to find solutions to problems with various high quality small arms platforms. The team recognized this as one of the shortcomings of the FN SCAR L/H.

KDG cringed at the thought of our troops dealing with the crowded front end of a weapon that seemed to have forgetten the shooter must be able to grasp it effectively. The standard SCAR forend forces Warfighters to compromise on the way they shoot as well as their choice of accessories. There should be no need for such a compromise, so KDG set out to make a change.

KDG - Outdoor 1 Continue reading

MagPul PMag D-60

The PMAG D-60.  A sixty round drum magazine for the AR platform, from MagPul…

Reliable, durable, lightweight, shorter than a 30 rd mag, and full of features that make it extremely easy to use.


Please note that transparent back and cut-away versions were for testing purposes only, and the solid drum with round indicator window is the variant that will be offered for sale.

D60 video

click on image above to jump to the YouTube video…

Shipping Spring/Summer 2015, MSRP $129.95.   Get a sneak peak of the drum in action at ATAC range day before SHOT show.

US Night Vision Corp introduces Mag Wraps™ in PenCott® camo

Mag Wraps™ come 3 in  a pack, will fit any 30rd AR-15 Magazine, are easy to install and offer the ultimate in protection and camouflage for your magazines.  And now they are available in the PenCott-GreenZone™ camo pattern too!

These premium US-made wraps offer superior UV protection, chemical resistance, protection from scuffs and scrapes, are completely waterproof and are finished in a non-reflective matte outer coating. They work equally well on steel, aluminum and polymer magazines, and leave zero residue when removed.


Currently available in GreenZone™ – BadLands™ and SnowDrift™ to follow.  Other Rapid Wraps™ products in PenCott patterns are in development.

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