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HK416A5 type-classified as G38

The Firearm Blog has reported that the HK416A5 has now been officially type-classified as the G38.


Full story here.

FRAG OUT! rock out with an MSBS and Surefire 60-round mag

The guys at FRAG OUT! magazine recently got their hands on a full Surefire 60-rounder, and an MSBS rifle with full auto capability.  The result was pretty impressive!

Frag Out - MSBS 60 rounds full auto

click on the image above to jump to the video – and turn up the volume!

FRAG OUT! magazine issue 1 also had a full in-depth look at the innovative MSBS modular small arms system from FB Radom – click on the image below to jump to the magazine online.

FB Radom MSBS 556


K&M Arms M17S Bullpup Rifle

The M17S is a rifle that first caught my eye several years ago when it was being manufactured and sold by Bushmaster.  With its ultra-sleek, futuristic (even sci-fi) looks, the M17S certainly looked like no other rifle on the market at the time – a factor which might have actually contributed to its demise within the Bushmaster house, especially once the ACR came along.


But two things came to my attention today, firstly that the M17S has a history that stretches back before its time at Bushmaster, and secondly that K&M Arms is now manufacturing an improved and updated version – and with the recent upsurge of interest in Bullpup rifles in the US market, maybe this version will at last enjoy the success its been seeking…

Bushmaster M17S


The design of the M17S dates back to 1986 when the Australian company Armtech Ltd. developed the prototype as a prospective military rifle for the Australian Army.  Two prototypes were developed, the C60R which used the 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge, and the more revolutionary C30R that used caseless ammunition.  The C30R was developed hastily and an out-of-battery ignition resulted in a prototype exploding during a high-profile demonstration.

The Australian Army adopted a licence-built version of the Steyr AUG, leading to the sale of the Armtech design to another Australian company, Edenpine PTY Ltd.   Edenpine, with Charles St. George, improved the design resulting in the ART-30 and SAK-30.  The salient features of the M17S were in place but some Finnish Valmet parts were used instead of AR-15 parts to save money.  Edenpine expressed interest in selling the design on the United States market and subsequently licensed the design to Bushmaster for local manufacture thus avoiding import restrictions.  This rifle was sold from October 1992 to 1994 as the “Edenpine M17S Bull-Pup rifle”.  The distributor was Edenpine (USA) Inc., the American branch of Edenpine of Australia, headquartered in San Jose, California.


When Edenpine folded in 1994, the totality of the rights passed to Bushmaster, who manufactured it as the “Bushmaster M17S”.  The Bushmaster M17S  hit the market just a few months before the approval of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.  At the time, the M17S was the only American-made bullpup rifle to be offered commercially, and the only one not banned by name.  The BATF approved a version with a longer barrel sleeve which covered more of the muzzle thread – making it impossible to attach a flash hider, and thus meet one of the key cosmetic requirements for a rifle to not be considered an “assault weapon”.

After just over a decade of lackluster sales, Bushmaster discontinued production of the M17S in 2005.

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CowTown Range : bring your big guns

Cowtown Range is the “Most Famous Range Nobody Has Heard of” as it caters to the specialized and unique training needs and requirements of numerous Military, Law Enforcement, DOD, and Private Contractors.

The Cowtown Range is approximately 80 acres of hills and valleys located in Peoria just south of Lake Pleasant, adjacent to the Agua Fria River and surrounded by State land. The terrain is a mixture of washes, open spaces and hills which accommodates camouflage, tracking, K-9 exercises and advanced night vision exercises. None of these training missions are feasible on traditional flat shooting ranges.

CowTown has also recently announced their newest venture, the Long Range Shooting Club. Join them for its official opening day on October 4, 2014.



Arsenal SLR-107FR Rifle In Stock Again

The Obama administration has banned the importation of Russian-made AK’s but Arsenal’s flagship 7.62×39 caliber stamped receiver rifle, the SLR-107FR, is back in stock and ready to rock!

The 7.62×39 caliber SLR-107FR is a top notch, stamped receiver, semi-automatic modern sporting rifle manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada, utilizing only the best and authentic Arsenal factory components. It is manufactured with a Bulgarian-made Arsenal mil-spec 1mm stamped receiver and cold hammer forged and hard chrome lined barrel.

SLR 107fr

The authentic US made components, such as the anti-slap double stage trigger group, mil-spec polymer stock set, left-side folding solid polymer buttstock, and a one-piece muzzle brake perfectly complete this rifle for unparalleled quality and accuracy.

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