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SilencerCo: Threaded Pistol Barrels

Silencer industry leader SilencerCo has launched a line of threaded aftermarket pistol barrels.

Threaded Pistol Barrel Silencerco

This step towards diversification is the first of several planned accessories expansions from the Utah-based company, who has garnered a loyal customer base by offering innovative products and best-in-the-business customer service. While rifle barrels can easily be threaded to accept a suppressor, most pistols require the purchase of a threaded aftermarket barrel to take advantage of the benefits a silencer can offer.

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NEW: Aimpoint Carbine Optic

Aimpoint has announced the introduction of a new sight designed specifically for modern sporting rifles.  Known as the Aimpoint Carbine Optic (ACO), the new sight expands upon the company’s already proven designs with a high-quality, entry-priced optic. 

Developed with the modern sporting rifle owner in mind, the ACO is ready to mount and shoot directly out of the box. A full suite of branded accessories, such as front and rear flip covers, an anti-reflection filter, and spare battery holders will also be available from dealers, and will allow users to customize the sight to fit their specific requirements.


The ACO pairs a 30mm aluminum alloy sight tube with an extremely rugged fixed height mount designed to provide absolute co-witness with AR-15 backup iron sights. A two minute of angle (2 MOA) red dot is utilized to allow maximum target acquisition speed and accuracy at all distances. The ACO is completely waterproof, and offers one year of constant-on use from a single 1/3N battery.

The Aimpoint Carbine Optic has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $393, and will be available from Aimpoint dealers in mid-to late October.  For more information on Aimpoint and the new ACO, visit the company’s website at:

Building an AR-DMR Mk12 clone

We caught up with Nick Betts of Prometheus Design Werx to take a closer look at the nice AR-DMR / MK12 clone he built recently. Nick is a former US Army sniper and has a love for weapons of all types, shapes and sizes, but he’s new to the AR world…


In his own words, Nick told us the story of his AR-DMR build:

I am fortunate enough to call Abraham Hepler of Shepherd Firearms a friend. Abraham couldn’t let me be AR-less so he helped me initiate my build.

I knew that I wanted a precision rifle but wasn’t sure how crazy I wanted to go with it. I absolutely LOVE the military issue MK12 and after some research I was kind of sold on doing a civvie variant of it. I didn’t readily have the funds available to do a full-clone, but I knew that I could build one just as good with different parts.


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Dead Air Armament – the silence of suppression…

Dead Air LogoClick on the logo above to read more about this exciting news, provided by our friends at Predator Intel.

AIMPOINT: Micro T-2 sight

Last week, Aimpoint, the originator and world leader in electronic red dot sighting technology, announced the addition of the new Micro T-2 sight to the company’s professional product line. The Micro T-2 will be available for shipment around the middle of this month, and will be offered alongside the company’s existing Micro T-1 product.

Since its introduction in 2007, the Aimpoint Micro sight has become the worldwide standard for compact reflex sights. Law enforcement and military end users have embraced this sight for its compact size, durability, and extremely long battery life.


Nonetheless, feedback received from professional end users identified a series of desired product enhancements that have now been added. These changes include: a new sight housing which allows the addition of front and rear protective flip covers and anti-reflective devices, additional physical protection for the sight’s adjustment turrets, and increased ruggedness for the sight’s internal electronic components.

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