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CMMG Mk47 MUTANT – a new 7.62x39mm AR-style rifle

Is it a mutant or a unicorn?  You decide…  One thing’s for certain though – it appears that the embargo against Kalashnikov has spurred other firearms makers to get alternatives onto the market to meet the demand for 7.62x39mm rifles.

CMMG Inc. today announced the release of the Mk47 MUTANT – an all-new modern sporting rifle that combines the accuracy and user-friendliness of the AR platform with the relentless performance of the legendary 7.62x39mm caliber.


Engineered from 7075-T6 billet aluminum, the Mk47 MUTANT features a uniquely designed upper and lower receiver built to manage the dimensions and pressures of the 7.62x39mm tapered cartridge all whilst keeping the weight of the rifle at a minimum – the Mk47 MUTANT weighs just over seven pounds (unloaded).

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MSBS – Polish Modular Rifle

The more we see of this new indigenously-designed 5.56mm NATO rifle system coming out of Poland, the more impressed we are.  Keep an eye on this one…

MSBS promo video

click on the image above to jump to the manufacturers official promo video

MSBS animated video

click on the image above to see an a video showing how easily the rifle can be switched from standard to bullpup configuration.

Battle of the Bullpups: Steyr AUG vs. FN 2000 vs. IWI TAVOR (and a little bit of Kel-Tec too)

Check out this video of Jerry “Fastest Trigger Finger in the World” Miculek putting 3 of the most popular bullpup rifles through their paces.  This is the most in-depth side-by-side comparison wev’e seen yet…


And in case, like me, you were disappointed that the bullpup siblings from Kel-Tec (the M43 and RDB) didn’t make it into the mix, you can check out this “First Impressions” article from The Firearms Blog and this excellent head-to-dead comparison of the RDB vs. Tavor over at Alloutdoor.

And maybe by this time next year Jerry will be able to add the Desert Tech MDR into the mix as well!

Stoner 63 Wallpapers

From Larry Vickers’ Facebook page today:

“My Stoner 63 buddy Mongo sent some killer Stoner wallpaper he did – enjoy and feel free to use them

Spread the wealth !!!”

So, here they are for you to enjoy as well dear readers!

stoner-AR-desktopStoner schematicstoner-AR-imagestoner-commando4

Grey Ghost Precision Announces Availability of ‘Specter’ Rifles

Grey Ghost Precision (the firearms division of Grey Ghost Gear) is proud to officially announce the release of the Specter Series of rifles.

Spectre RiflesThe Specter rifle series begins with a Heavy (.308) and Light (5.56). The Specter Heavy is a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) class long gun; a rugged, lightweight and robust option for shooting out to 700m and beyond.  The Specter Light brings the same benefits to those who prefer a 5.56 weapon.  The Specters are built to be durable, reliable, affordable, accurate and attainable—all without compromising quality.

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