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The Stoner 63 Weapon System

The term ‘weapon system’ is often over-used and misapplied these days – especially in TV shows – but in the case of the Stoner 63, it is totally applicable. 

Soon after leaving ArmaLite, Eugene Stoner devised a concept for a weapons platform built around a common receiver and interchangeable components that could be configured as a rifle, carbine and several machine gun configurations by simply fitting the appropriate parts to the basic assembly.  He even initially designated the concept the M69W becuase that designation looks the same upside down as it does right side up – reflecting the invertable receiver at the heart of the system.

Stoner 63 system

Illustration of the full Stoner 63 family of weapons from Stoner 63 sales brochure (hat tip to

My own interest in the Stoner 63 system started in the latter half of the 1970’s as a teen-ager – when I discovered a lengthy article about the Stoner 63 family in an old copy of the Feb. 1965 issue of Popular Mechanics in a box in my step-father’s attic.  I still remember sitting up there one sweltering hot summer afternoon reading the article from start to finish by the light of a single low-watt light bulb dangling from the rafters.  There’s something about the Stoner 63 that just grabs you like that…


(hat tip to ‘Armeiro’ on for the scans from that old Popular Mechanics article)

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Kinetic Development Group debuts KINECT™ – the first QD adapters for MLOK

When Kinetic Development Group launched as a company, it appeared they were a “SCAR accessory” company.  Kinetic Development Group is a Firearms & Accessory solutions company. There is no limit to what they can and will do.   

There has been some question why KDG has been so dedicated to the MLOK™ system manufacturing the MREX™ for the SCAR instead of Key-Mod.  Today they are announcing both MREX-AR™ rail solution in MLOK™, and the revolutionary Kinect™ system for MLOK™.  In a world of a thousand rails, that news may not be exciting, but revealing why they fervently supported MLOK™ from the beginning is very exciting; Kinect™ for MLOK™.


Kinect™ is a family of products that allow you to securely attach your accessories or picatinny rail sections to any MLOK™ system without tools.  Press the accessory or rail section to the MLOK™ slot where you want it and “Click”, it is securely fastened. This patent pending technology is the card KDG has kept tucked up their sleeve while they built MLOK™ rails for the SCAR and now the AR. It literally takes less that a second to install or remove an accessory, yet the mount is so strong a grown man can do pull-ups on a single attachment point.  

Although revolutionary, Kinect™ is quite simple in its operation. There are two spring-loaded wedges in the base of the Kinect™ mounting point.  When you press the accessory or rail section down in the MLOK™ slot, two tiny deployment triggers get pressed against the rail firing the wedges into place.


There is nothing more frustrating that fiddling with an allen wrench (if you can find it) to get your accessories on an off your weapon with traditional modular rail sections.  This changes the whole dynamic of the MLOK™ system and really makes every accessory truly removable with the ability to mount it in a second when needed.

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Rebranding the AK-47 as a ‘Weapon of Peace’

With sales of Kalashnikov’s firearms severely impacted by sanctions imposed by the US last summer against the Russia-based company, the gun-maker has since rebranded its firearms as “weapons of peace.”

VICE News traveled to Kalashnikov’s headquarters in Moscow to speak with its new CEO Alexey Krivoruchko about the impact of sanctions on his company. They also met with the public relations agency heading up the campaign to find out more about the rebranding of its famous assault rifles…

Konzern Kalashnikovclick on the image above to launch the video

Heckler & Koch HK11E

The HK11E 7.62x51mm Light Machine Gun introduced a 3-round burst firing mode, a long receiver and a “drum” type sight. The operator could switch to and from a magazine or belt-feed with slight modification.

HK11EHK Grey Room photo #44.

G8 and G8A1

The German Army, German Navy and the Federal Police use a variant of the HK11 designated the Gewehr-8 (or G8). It is tapped for telescopic sights and has a quick-change barrel with a bipod that uses either a heavy match-grade bull-barrel or a heavy barrel for automatic fire. It was designed to use G3-type 10- or 20-round box magazines in the designated marksman role, but could also use a special 50-round drum magazine for sustained supporting or suppressing fire. The modified G8A1 adopted the improvements of the HK11A1 series and was only able to feed from magazines and drums.


Shoei bring back the FG42 Type I

Well, let’s face it, you’ll probably never get your hands on a real one – and even the real-steel semi-auto-only replicas are quite expensive and hard to come by too…

So its a good thing that Shoei are going to do another production run of their fully-functioning (but non-firing) museum-quality FG42 Type 1 replica gun.


At the current time they are taking pre-orders / reservations for the next production run, and the number produced will be determined by the number of pre-orders / reservations they get.

I was the very proud and happy owner of one of these about 12 years ago, when I used to be involved in WWII Fallschirmjaeger re-enactment, and I can vouch for the exceptional quality and historical / collectable value of these.  In fact, Shoei even feature a photo of me in my Italian front FJ impression on their website.  :-)


Visit the Shoei website for further details.

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