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Building an AR-DMR Mk12 clone

We caught up with Nick Betts of Prometheus Design Werx to take a closer look at the nice AR-DMR / MK12 clone he built recently. Nick is a former US Army sniper and has a love for weapons of all types, shapes and sizes, but he’s new to the AR world…


In his own words, Nick told us the story of his AR-DMR build:

I am fortunate enough to call Abraham Hepler of Shepherd Firearms a friend. Abraham couldn’t let me be AR-less so he helped me initiate my build.

I knew that I wanted a precision rifle but wasn’t sure how crazy I wanted to go with it. I absolutely LOVE the military issue MK12 and after some research I was kind of sold on doing a civvie variant of it. I didn’t readily have the funds available to do a full-clone, but I knew that I could build one just as good with different parts.


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Win AR Upper from Noveske and Grey Ghost Gear

The Ghost Is Giving Away Noveske Uppers!

GGG Noveske

That’s right!  They’re giving away a Noveske Rifleworks upper every Friday for five weeks! The first winner will be selected tomorrow, July 11th.

Enter to WIN on their Facebook page.

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Dave’s Custom Airsoft – Custom Galil AR AEG

Congratulations to Richard Cairns who won the recent Charity auction for a Custom Built Galil Battle Rifle from Dave’s Custom Airsoft.  Richard placed the all of which will be donated to Help For Heroes. 


Join us in extending congratulations and thanks to Richard for his generosity – and also to Dave’s Custom Airsoft – for supporting this worthy cause.

Larry Vickers’ CAR-15 – from Panama to Iraq


This is how quiet professionals Improvise – Adapt – Overcome.

Read the full story here.


LAV Machine AK

You might have seen this on Soldier Systems Daily already, but I thought its so cool it deserved a repeat – and SSD kindly gave their permission to do so.

Larry Vickers Russian-SOF inspired 5.56mm AK build:



– Arsenal SLR-106CR
– Texas Weapon Systems Dog Leg Rail
– Aimpoint T-1
– Larue T-1 Mount
– Zenit Extended Rail Cover
– Survival Corps AK-100 Side Folding Collapsing AR Stock Adapter
– Krebs Extended Safety Lever
– Tromix Extended Charging Handle Knob
– Bulgarian 4-piece Krinkov brake
– Wilcox Industries Raptor laser w/white light
– Magpul CTR stock
– Tango Down / US Palm AK grip
– Magpul vertical grip
– Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling
– Polish Mag

Remember – if you’ve got a cool custom build or mod that you want to share, you can send us the details (and photos) through the email address listed on our ‘contact us’ page.

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