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Friday Foto

Snow Patrol…


The forest gnomes from “Straszydło Combatientes Desperados” tried out several different flavors of snow camo recently.  From left to right: PenCott-SnowDrift, Finnish M/05 snow version, MARPAT-SNOW, and PenCott-SnowDrift (jacket).

Photo copyright:  Straszydło Combatientes Desperados 2014.

Friday Foto


A Slovakian Army explosive ordinance disposal team leader provides security outside of a cleaning area July 7, 2012, Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan.

Photo by CZE-A WO Frantisek STEIN

11 November – an auspicious day…

katenetveteransday2009a_1152Remembrance Day Canada00-the-cenotaph-whitehall-london-uk-remembrance-day-10-11-13

And for our Polish friends:

Polish Independence Day

Friday Foto


SSgt. Noe Sanchez and SSgt Juan Quintanaluna, instructors with the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center, negotiate tough terrain during a foreign training exchange with instructors from the Chilean military’s mountain warfare school, Rio Blanco, Chile. The Marines were joined by soldiers from the 19th Special Forces Group during the training, which provided the group with experience in high altitude alpine combat operations.

U.S. Army photo by SSgt Eric Pardo, 143rd Infantry

Tactical Tailor Releases Products in PenCott™ Camouflage

Tactical Tailor, supplier of rugged, 100% American-made tactical equipment to Warfighters around the world, is proud to announce it is offering a range of equipment in the PenCott™ family of camouflage patterns.

The effectiveness of camouflage should not gauged by popularity, nor aesthetic appeal. Camouflage is measured by its ability to mask shape and form to prevent detection. The successful use of camouflage—or its compromise—often determines mission success, mission failure and even mission completion. It is for this reason that Hyde Definition calls their patterns Mission Critical Camouflage, and this is why Tactical Tailor has added Badlands™ and GreenZone™ to its camo pattern options.

Rudder RAC BL    Rudder RAC GZ

“We haven’t just looked at T&E results,” says Tactical Tailor’s GW Ayers, “We did our own research. We took it to the field and sent it overseas…the results are in. We need to offer PenCott™.”

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