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Spot the camouflage that stands out

The Secretary of the Army decided not to provide leadership, direction and decisiveness last week and therefore didn’t announce the Army’s selection of a new family of camouflage patterns – by the way, the selection has apparently been made and senior Army leaders have been briefed on it.  So why keep it under wraps?

Meanwhile, the bad press continues.  The Wall Street Journal picked up on the story this week, and images from the 82nd Airborne Division’s 1st Brigade’s joint training with the Indonesian paratroops have also shown VERY clearly that the Universal Camouflage Pattern is “universal” in name only.  Its a good thing this was a friendly exercise and that these guys didn’t need to reply on their combat clothing for concealment in the tropical forest…

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KITANICA introduces $99 Brush Pants

KITANICA is best known for robust, innovative, feature-loaded, ueber-cool tactical clothing.  With their new Brush Pants they seem to have gone with a less-is-more approach, but still retained the innovative and cool styling that’s synonymous with their name.

Sizing 30 - 42 and inseam is 34 inch;. Retail MSRP: $99



The return of the 40-round magazine

There was a time when a 40-round magazine seemed to be almost de rigueur for an automatic rifle, then they seemed to fall out of fashion.

Now it looks as though where the iconic RPK led, MagPul follows.  Today they announced their 40-round M3 PMAG, specifically designed to be fully compatible with many types of AR and NATO STANAG platforms….

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“State-of-the-Union” statement from Legion Firearms

Availability of Legion Firearms rifles

In 1914 Ernest Shackleton was recruiting for what would eventually be called the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. His pitch included the following statement: “Officers wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages. Bitter cold. Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. Safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in case of success.”

Legion Firearms believes candor is a Good Thing, even if the facts aren’t particularly palatable. We want to put the best weapon possible in your hands, but we’ve been having trouble doing so. We’ve made mistakes, been hobbled by others’ mistakes and hampered by our suppliers’ constraints, but we’ve striven to rectify the former and are working to mitigate the latter.

Legion builds guns every day but Sunday. We shipped 15 rifles last week, 15 the week before and will ship at least that many this week. Our ability to produce a finished weapon is entirely dependent upon certain components, current demand and our exacting standards.


To that end we’ve sourced new manufacturers and built new facilities. Hundreds of uppers, lowers and other parts will now be built in-house. Eventually we’ll own almost all production ourselves, but will remain limited by the limits of man hours worked and our quality control.

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Four Guys Guns is giving away a NEMO “Omen” .300 Winchester Magnum AR-rifle!

Yes, that’s right – they are GIVING AWAY one of the most powerful rifles ever built on the AR platform.

new-omen-spec-ops-tiger-300-win-mag-ar-nemoBut wait, there’s more!

In addition to the rifle the winner we get an all expenses paid trip out to NEMO Arms in Montana for a 2 day training class for long distance shooting! The class will be conducted by Max Ordinate Academy (MOA) and will include 2 days of training to shoot the OMEN out to 1000 Meters.  The OMEN itself retails for around $5,700 without the optics -when you add in the free trip and the free training, this is a VERY enticing offer!

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