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Your chance to own some special Snake Hound Machine awesomeness

After much interest and many requests, Snake Hound Machine has decided to put the semi-famous SHM VEPR 54r Carbine and SHM Patriot AR Pistol on Gunbroker. 

These guns were major crowd favorites at the recent Shoot Heard Round The World and are one of a kind hand built pieces that were exclusive exhibition guns for press and industry professionals at the event.

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US Customs and Border Protection – Border Patrol Special Operations Group

In 2007, the Border Patrol created the Special Operations Group (SOG) headquartered in El Paso, TX to coordinate the special operations units of the agency.

The Border Patrol recognized the need for specialized teams capable of handling uncommon and dangerous situations that would be outside the normal scope of Border Patrol agent duties.  The Border Patrol had a number of other specialized programs and details but identified a need greater national coordination and specialized support under the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Strategic Plan to:

  • Prevent terrorism
  • Strengthen control of the U.S. Borders
  • Protect America and its citizens

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“The Shoot Heard ‘Round the World” – Snake Hound Machine, New Hampshire

Well, the week-end got off to a great start – as I was sitting in a local pub on a bawmy spring evening having dinner with a friend in the industry, when the news came on the telly that they’d captured the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing case…

But then although Saturday morning dawned chilly, breezy and rainy, that was okay – cuz “if it rainin’, we ain’t trainin’!”  By the time we got to the range though the rain had stopped – but the atmosphere was still damp, chilly and overcast.  But that didn’t dampen the spirits of the folks in attendence.  People had flown in from as far away as California and Colorado, and one guy from Pennsylvania even drove up and slept overnight in his car – whilst others from that Commonwealth set up tents and camped out.  Others of us took the soft option and stayed at the local Holiday Inn…

But regardless of how they got there, or where they stayed, a good time was had by all – and with 3 ranges at their disposal, plus a mix of pistol and rifle classes and an open range where attendees could burn through ammo at their own pace with whatever personal weapon they wanted, there was truly something for everyone.  Kudos to Owen “Overkill” Martin (a.k.a., The AK Jesus) and all the other companies who helped host and support the event – in particular “The Mountain Ninja Squirrels” from Domari Nolo and the guys from Rockwell Training.

And now on with the show…

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Friday Fotos

A special collage dedicated to a particular group of  heroes this week.


In The Fight: Peel Regional Police Tactical and Rescue Unit

The objective of the Peel Regional Police Tactical and Rescue Unit is to contain and resolve potentially life threatening situations. The preservation of life is the unit’s number one priority.

In response to a visit by Queen Elizabeth II in 1976, a six-man Sniper Team was formed by the Peel Regional Police. Later that year, the unit received training from Los Angeles Police Department SWAT members and was primarily utilized as a street level drug unit when not engaged in tactical duties. By the early 1980’s the team grew to 15 officers that included two, six-man teams with two sergeants and a staff sergeant as the officer in charge.

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