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RP Advanced Mobile Systems Launches New C2 Strike Mobility LTATV

RP Advanced Mobile Systems of McMinnville, Oregon has announced that it is launching a new line of LTATV Strike and Mobility Vehicles for Special Operations and Rapid Reaction Forces.

The first of three vehicles to be announced is the RP Advanced C2 Strike Mobility Commander. This vehicle fills the Commander’s needs for a C2/C4 vehicle that is low cost, lightweight and can be deployed by fixed and rotary wing aircraft quickly and easily to the battlefield.

commander 600 433 RP Advanced Mobile Systems Launches New C2 Strike Mobility LTATV

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PenCott camouflage expands its Facebook presence

Hyde Definition is happy to announce that, thanks to some help from the good guys at 762PR, the new PenCott camouflage fanpage is alive and throbbing on Facebook.

The new page takes over from the previous Facebook Group as the primary go-to source for all things related to PenCott™ goodness.  So don’t miss out – go “Like” the page to check out all the great stuff from the growing number of companies producing garments and gear in – and the growing number of military and law enforcement special ops units using – this stunningly effective family of patterns.

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Friday Foto

NavElite – Westward Ho!

Review by Scott Bain.

Ok, your BOB is packed, you grabbed your INCH and now your are headed to your bug-out location in some remote area of your state. You have made it through the traffic jams and mass confusion and find yourself out of gas 5 miles from your destination on a set of two tracks in the middle of no where and have to walk.

No problem right? Just whip out your GPS and your good to go…right up until you realize there’s no signal either because a solar flare has fried the satellites…So now what? Did I mention it was night?

Allow me to present the worlds first back lit, wrist mounted magnetic compass! Made by NavElite which is comprised of former SOF operators who saw a need for an easy to use compass to get your bearings with. What emerged was a really nicely designed and very user friendly device.

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Socom Gear’s Special Operatons Warrior Foundation charity auction: Larry Vickers Signed 1911 airsoft replicas

Socom Gear has teamed up with Larry Vickers from Vickers Tactical to bring you a cool way to help the Special Operation community.

5 Socom Gear M1911 GBB replicas, personally signed by Larry Vickers himself, and with a certificate of authenticity will be auctioned on eBay – with all the proceeds going to the Special Forces Warrior Foundation.

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