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PenCott Camouflage in the Sonoran Desert

Our friends over at PredatorBDU recently got their hands on some prototype ACUs and boonie hats in PenCott Badlands and Sandstorm patterns.  So, what better way to show them off than a photo shoot out in the Sonoran desert in Arizona?  The story and photos below are all courtesy of  their Predator Intelligence Blog.

We got our hands on some prototype ACU cut uniforms and Boonie Hats featuring the PenCott Camouflage Badlands and Sandstorm Patterns from Hyde Definition. The pants and shirt are still under consideration for final design elements before any commercial production, so we will not go into depth on those specs, but the uniform wore much like a typical ACU with 50/50 NYCO material. You will also see some of the Combat XII-MEC Pack in the mix.

PenCott Badlands Prototype Uniform 

The Badlands Pattern proved quite effective for the area we were in, which included plenty of desert vegetation considering the region with the bright green Palo Verdes blending right in with the pattern. We had an “elephant man” mask that worked well with the Sandstorm pattern, but clearly a lily white face is a giveaway when not covered.

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Friday Foto

Afghan Special Mission Wing Mi17 Helicopters enabled partnered Afghan Special Police and coalition forces counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics operations throughout Helmand province Sept. 22 – Oct. 6, 2012.

(ISAF Media Photo:  submitted to ISAF Media by an unnamed Australian Army Private)


Royal Marines storm former Soviet submarine base

UK Royal Marines and Albanian forces recently joined together for an assault on an abandoned Soviet submarine base as part of Exercise Albanian Lion.

Picture: Petty Officer (Photographer) Sean Clee, Crown Copyright/MOD 2012

Using a scenario based around a hostile occupying force, the Royal Marines from the Lead Commando Group (LCG) joined up with their Albanian counterparts to practice their training for contingent operations as part of Royal Navy exercise Cougar 12.

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In Remembrance

New Boots and New Website from Alt-Berg

Alt-Berg, UK-based makers of high-quality boots, have released a revised and updated website – and several new styles of boot too.

On the new site you’ll find detailed information about the features and technical specifications for every style, as well as information about whether they are stock boots, or styles that they only ‘make to order’.

In their Military line-up, the new styles include the Warrior Aqua (in MultiCam Olive color), the Tabbing Boot (in traditional Black color), and the Sneeker Original – Sniper Version (in MultiCam Olive color).  Also in the line-up, although not listed as “new” is the Green Zone Boot (also in MultiCam Olive color).

Green Zone Boot

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