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Friday Foto

“What are you doing today?”

“Ah, just hanging around…”

Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques Masters Course students perform Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction from a CH-46E Sea Knight during a HRST Masters Course.

III Marine Expeditionary Force Public Affairs

Photo by Pfc. J Navae at the Central Training Area 47, Japan


The Saiga-9 Carbine: A brief introduction

Some information about the new Saiga-9 Carbine has begun appearing recently, and we thought it was interesting enough to give you a brief introduction here.

The Saiga-9 from Izhmash is the civilian-legal version of the Vityaz-SN 9mm submachine gun pictured below (photos from

According to information published on, the basic specs of the Saiga-9 will be:

  • caliber:  9×19
  • weight (without magazine/accessories):  6.4 pounds
  • length (buttstock folded):  23 inches
  • length (buttstock extended):  31.7 inches
  • magazine capacity:  10 rounds

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Osprey Publishing’s Black Friday Sale

Get 25% off all of Osprey’s books today only the 23rd of November 2012.

To mark the traditional start of Christmas shopping in the US, the day after Thanksgiving known as “Black Friday”,  Osprey thought it would be a good excuse for a sale.  For one day only, you’ll be able to get 25% off of ALL of Osprey’s books.

The “Black Friday” discount will also be applied on top of any membership discounts, which makes for an enticing 40% off all books for Silver membership holders, and 55% of for Gold membership holders!

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G&G Armament GK5C GL

Now here’s something to be thankful for, G&G Armament have announced the release of this sweet replica of the Swedish AK5C – the latest version of Sweden’s locally license-built, improved, variant of the Belgian FNC.

The GK5C joins its siblings in the GF85 series from G&G that replicate the Belgian FNC as well as the Swedish AK5 families of small arms.

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PenCott Camouflage in the Sonoran Desert

Our friends over at PredatorBDU recently got their hands on some prototype ACUs and boonie hats in PenCott Badlands and Sandstorm patterns.  So, what better way to show them off than a photo shoot out in the Sonoran desert in Arizona?  The story and photos below are all courtesy of  their Predator Intelligence Blog.

We got our hands on some prototype ACU cut uniforms and Boonie Hats featuring the PenCott Camouflage Badlands and Sandstorm Patterns from Hyde Definition. The pants and shirt are still under consideration for final design elements before any commercial production, so we will not go into depth on those specs, but the uniform wore much like a typical ACU with 50/50 NYCO material. You will also see some of the Combat XII-MEC Pack in the mix.

PenCott Badlands Prototype Uniform 

The Badlands Pattern proved quite effective for the area we were in, which included plenty of desert vegetation considering the region with the bright green Palo Verdes blending right in with the pattern. We had an “elephant man” mask that worked well with the Sandstorm pattern, but clearly a lily white face is a giveaway when not covered.

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