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Friday Foto

A Croatian Special Forces soldier attends the “Jackal Stone 12″ exercise – Udbina, Croatia September 17, 2012.

(photo credit: msnbc)

In The Fight – Unit Profiles

We’re introducing a new section called “In The Fight”, in which we will profile particular elite and special operations units from all around the world.

As a brief sneaky-peaky intro we posted a video on our Facebook page this morning about these guys – the Qatar Internal Security Forces Special Operations Group, LEKHWIYA FORCE.


RAF Force Protection Wing defends Camp Bastion during Taliban attack

Members of No 5 RAF Force Protection Wing, working alongside the US Marine Corps (USMC), have spoken about quickly regaining control of Camp Bastion Airfield following an insurgent attack on Friday 14 September, killing 14 and capturing one of the enemy.

Fifteen heavily-armed insurgents dressed in US Army uniforms and armed with PKM general purpose machine guns, AK-47 rifles and rocket-propelled grenades broke through perimeter defences and initially targeted tower guards with heavy fire – killing two US Marines.

Subsequently they attacked the USMC flight line, damaging infrastructure and AV-8B Harrier jump jets. The RAF Force Protection Wing based at Camp Bastion was quick to react, deploying forces throughout the camp, with 51 Squadron RAF Regiment pushing out onto the airfield and the RAF Police from the Bastion Security Squadron maintaining security around key installations throughout the camp.

Gunners from the RAF Regiment on patrol around Camp Bastion (stock image).
Picture: Corporal Andy Benson RAF, Crown Copyright/MOD 2012

The RAF Regiment gunners’ aim was to reclaim control of the airfield. Supported by a number of different direct fire weapons, and co-ordinating the assault with members of 2/10 Battalion US Marine Corps, they moved methodically across the airfield engaging in various fire fights as they dealt with pockets of resistance over a period of some four hours.

Personnel from No 5 RAF Force Protection Wing patrol in a new Foxhound armoured vehicle at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan (stock image). Picture: Corporal Laura Bibby RAF, Crown Copyright/MOD 2012

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The G28 DMR enters service with the Bundeswehr

The G28 Designated Marksman Rifle has entered service with the Bundeswehr to replace the interim G3-based solution.

Officially designated the ZF G28 – short for Zielfernrohrgewehr 28, or telescopic scoped rifle 28 – the Bundeswehr’s new Designated Marksman Rifle is a semi-automatic, gas operated, 7.62x51mm, magazine fed rifle with a rotating-bolt locking mechanism.  The rifle is equipped with a Schmidt & Bender 3×20 variable power scope, and is intended for engaging targets at combat ranges up to 800 metres.

The ZF G28 provides the infantry squad with a robust precision weapon for engaging specific threats particularly at distances greater than 250.  Among other targets, the G28 is intended to take out key enemy personnel such as snipers and marksmen, and technical targets such as the optics on weapons and combat vehicles.

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GHK Airsoft: G5 Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle

GHK Airsoft from Taiwan have announced a new in-house designed GBBR called the “G5″ that they describe as being loosely based, aesthetically at least, on the Czech CZ Evo 3 Scorpion sub-machine gun.

Not many details have been released so far, only some CAD drawings, photos of a prototype and a short video clip (which we’ve nabbed from our friends at

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