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A Blast from The Past: ArmaLite AR-10

Earlier today, our friends at Predator Intel posted an old promo film from the ’60’s for the ArmaLite AR-10.


If you can see past the way the narration makes this rifle sound like some kind of Wunderwaffe, and if you can get over the fact that the audio track isn’t synced to well with the video track, its a very interesting watch.

AR-10 vidclick on the image above to jump to the video

It gets especially interesting around the 12:45 mark where we see a belt-fed version of the AR-10 being used with a back-pack ammo-feeding system!  As it turned out, none of the belt-fed variants ever got past prototype stage because they could never get the kinks worked out to make the LMG version a reliable enough weapon.

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Montenegrin Navy ”MultiCam”

Just over 3 years ago, we posted details of the Montenegrin Army‘s interpretation / copy of MultiCam that was adopted in late 2009 / early 2010.  Today, we found some photos of what is apparently the Montenegrin Navy’s recently adopted “blue” version.*

While the US Navy is getting a fair amount of bad press over its “blueberry” camo, the Montenegrin Navy (as well as a number of others) apparently thinks that a “blue” version of their country’s land-based camo is a good thing…

153035_52436623_morn 4153035_52436623_morn 1153035_52436623_morn 3

* hat tip to Jon Knox for the tip-off


Friday Foto


The sun reflects from the side window of a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter as it flies over Kabul. The Black Hawk is a utility transport helicopter that first entered Army service in 1979. It’s a versatile chopper, used for transporting troops and supplies, search and rescue missions and medical evacuations.

(U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Richard Andrade, 16th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment)

French Lessons From Mali: Support Together, Fight Alone

This article was originally published on – copyright 2013 Breaking Media, Inc.

Murielle Delaporte, a respected French military analyst, was embedded with French forces in Mali for 10 days in late April and offers this early look at lessons learned by France, and by her allies.


French forces appear to have succeeded in Mali. They blunted the mad progress of Islamist extremist forces during Operation Serval and drove them back to the northern mountains – where some of whom blew themselves up rather than surrender when faced with defeat.

The first phase of Operation Serval, as the French incursion into Mali was known, was a genuine military success. Maybe, as one former French Foreign Legion officer observed, Serval stands as one of the few French military victories since the Cold War.

During three months of fighting France lost six soldiers and suffered 200 wounded, while forces from neighboring Chad — who reportedly fought with verve and effectiveness — lost more.

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Army Cuts 10 Combat Brigades — Or 11, Or 13 — And That’s Just The Beginning

“PENTAGON, June 26, 2013: The Army’s widely publicized decision to cut 10 brigade combat teams from bases in eight states is just part of the story of the incredible shrinking armed services. To start with, it’s not actually 10 brigades: It’s 11, the 10 announced this afternoon and a player to be named later. Or, if you count two brigades being eliminated at bases in Europe, an announcement made months ago, it’s 13.

This is exactly what many experts and some senior officials at the Pentagon have argued for much of the last 18 months should happen: cut headquarters staff and get rid of flags (command positions that have sprung up over the last 12 years).

All told, the reductions and reorganizations “will reduce the number of headquarters while sustaining as much combat capability as possible,” Gen. Odierno said. “We are increasing our tooth to tail ratio.”

But that happy trend can’t continue if sequestration does. While there’s plenty of fat to cut in any large organization, the Army included, the sequester is going to bite right through the muscle to the bone.”



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