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Strike-Hold’s Position on Gun Control

Unless you’ve been on the dark side of the moon for the past month, you must be aware that there is a huge “gun control” propaganda war being waged in the US.

So, let’s be clear about something right now – we at Strike-Hold! are firm believers in and practitioners of strict gun control.

That means, your gun (be it a pistol, shotgun, rifle, SMG, LMG, or whatever) should always be under your control, should be stored securely when its not under your control, and that the mechanical safety should be engaged and your finger should be off the trigger at all times other than when you’re prepared to engage a target.  By the way, when I say “under your control”, that means its either in your hands or no more than an arm’s length away from you.  Also, any gun – even an airsoft or non-firing replica – should be handled with the same care, respect and safety-consciousness of real firearm.

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US Army Camouflage Improvement Initiative update

This news somehow passed us by this week, but our friends at Kit-Up!, Predator Intelligence and Soldier Systems Daily all covered it – so head over to see them to find out more.


Friday Foto

Tuesday, 29 January 2013, 09:17 hrs.

The Green Berets of the French Foreign Legion’s 2nd ReP in Timbuktu.

Photo: Noël Quidu, Paris MATCH

New Zealand Defence Forces get new machine-guns

The New Zealand Defence Forces is replacing its inventory of FN MINIMI® 5.56 x 45mm NATO light machine guns with a new 7.62 x 51mm NATO Light Support Weapon – the FN Herstal 7.62 MINIMI® TR.

Now being introduced into service, the 7.62 MINIMI replaces the 5.56mm LSW C9. The 7.62mm weapons will be introduced into Service in two versions, to be known as Machine Gun 7.62mm, MINIMI, LSW, LONG RAIL (LR) and Machine Gun 7.62mm, MINIMI, LSW.

All 598 of the operational weapons; 230, 7.62mm LSW and 368, 7.62mm LSW Long Rails (LR), have been delivered to the project store in Trentham, New Zealand.  All ancillaries (including 201 light weight ground mounts) have also been delivered to Trentham.  Initial training on this new capability (“Train the Maintainer” and “Train the Trainer”) was completed in Nov 12.

(video after the break)

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SPECOPS Combat Smock KBS-1

Polish tactical clothing and gear company SPECOPS announced their new KBS-1 Combat Smock today.

The KBS-1 is a bit different from the traditional smock that we’re used to seeing – in fact, its more like a BDU blouse on steroids than a typical “smock”.

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