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“Grey Cell” foreign policy and conflict website is live

Grey Cell aims to be the number one source for real-time, accurate international news and information from local sources and subject matter experts and contributors located all over the globe.

The Grey Cell website features news feeds from the DOD, CENTCOM, PACOM, EUCOM, AFRICOM and more. This informative and reliable intelligence resource is already being used by numerous national news organizations and others with a critical need-to-know.

Grey CellIf you’re traveling overseas on business, deploying to potentially dangerous environments, or serving in humanitarian missions abroad, Grey Cell articles and reports are sure to provide the valuable information that you need.

Visit to see more, and to sign up for their newsletter to keep up-to-date.

Friday Foto

'Black Alligator' culminates in combined-arms assault

A Royal Marine from 40 Commando Royal Marines participates in an assault on Range 210 as part of Exercise Black Alligator 13 at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, CA. Oct. 20, 2013.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Paul Martinez, USMC.

Jankel Jeep J8 ‘Pegasus’ Special Operations Vehicle

Based on the rugged and reliable Jeep J8 platform, the ‘Pegasus’ is an air-transportable, light strike capable, Special Operations Vehicle.

Jankel are the official worldwide partner with Chrysler for the sale of the Jeep J8 Family of Military Vehicles. Variants include Troop Carriers, Utility Vehicles and Patrol Vehicles. The Pegasus is the most advanced of these vehicles.

Pegasus J8

Leo Koehler PenCott Tactical Combat Jacket review

– Text and photos by Grant Grieve.

I have for some time now been a big fan of the PenCott camouflage patterns, and if you were to ask any of my friends or comrades they would tell you that I never shut up about its virtues. For me it is the first family of camouflage I have come across that ticks all of the boxes in terms of design, disruptive qualities and of course the all-important looks. I do of course have other camouflage but I think for me I have found a family of camouflage patterns that suits my environment and gives me the advantages I am looking for – and that is what is important to me.

I have also spent some time and money, sourcing PenCott gear and clothing from manufacturers around the world.  This review will be of a long-awaited new addition to my ever growing PenCott collection, the Leo Köhler ( ) Tactical Combat Jacket in PenCott-GreenZone™.

Leo Kohler Sniper Smock - Pencott Greenzone - Front 3Leo Kohler Sniper Smock - Pencott Greenzone - Back 1

I sourced my jacket from the guys at ASMC in Germany ( – for the simple reasons that I had dealt with them before, and they were one of the very few in Europe who had such a garment in stock. If you combine that with the fact that the product was well described and the website is also in English, then it was a no brainer. Leo Köhler products are all built to German Armed Forces standards and if you have any experience of German military surplus you will know what I am talking about. Everything is well built, is well designed and makes perfect sense when out in the field.

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Friday Foto


Today is the 30th Anniversary of “Operation Urgent Fury” – when US Rangers, Paratroopers, and Soldiers assaulted the Caribbean island of Grenada.

Read more about the Rangers’ combat jump onto the airport here.

Source:  Michael Schlitz, Through Burnt Eyes

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