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MIL SISTEMIKA Personal Eye System (PES)

MIL SISTEMIKA is a relatively new and small Slovenian company that makes great battle-space management and situational awareness software.


I had an opportunity a while back to play around with the Personal Eye System from MIL SISTEMIKA, but I didn’t get a chance to evaluate it extensively or put it through its paces.  Fortunately, the guys at the FOG HORN blog did.  Here’s what they had to say…

Friday Foto


An Australian Army soldier from 1st Commando Regiment jumps from a Royal Australian Air Force C-130J Hercules aircraft during their annual certification parachute jump into the waters off Manly Beach as part of Exercise Red Pegasus.

Personnel from the Sydney based 1st Commando Regiment conducted parachute training into the waters off Manly Beach on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December 2015, as part of Exercise Red Pegasus.

The training was conducted to ensure the regular and reserve personnel serving within 1st Commando maintained currency as part of their Commando skills.

The role of the 1st Commando Regiment is to maintain and sustain collective and individual special forces, specialist personnel and special operations capabilities to conduct, command, support and reinforce Special Operations.

The training was enabled by Royal Australian Air Force C-130J Hercules aircraft and military watercraft.


1st Joint Public Affairs Unit, Australian Army

Direct Action Gear USA expands product offering

Direct Action’s expanded line of advanced tactical nylon gear was debuted in the US at SOFIC in late May – now these made-in-Poland products are in-stock and available for purchase through the Direct Action Gear USA webstore.

The line-up includes their flagship SPITFIRE™ Plate Carrier, HURRICANE™, TEMPEST™ and TIGER MOTH™ Chest Rigs, as well as the MOSQUITO™ Modular Belt System, the MUSTANG™ Rescue/Gun Belt and a wide range of pouches and accessories.

SPITFIRE Plate Carrier  HURRICANE Chest Rig


MOSQUITO Y-Harness  TAC RELOAD Rifle Pouch

Most products are available in genuine MultiCam® and PenCott® camouflage patterns, as well as the solid colors of Black, Adaptive Green and Coyote Brown.  Check their website for full product descriptions, pricing and availability:

Helikon-Tex joins as a Sponsor of Lights, Sights, Lasers US Tour

Khyber Interactive Associates, a world-class emergency response training, research, consulting company and developer of the annual Lights, Sights, Lasers US Tour, announced that Helikon-Tex® – a leading International innovator in tactical apparel and gear for law enforcement, security and military forces worldwide – has come aboard as a platinum sponsor of the 2016 Lights, Sights, Lasers tour.


Created in 2012, The Annual Lights Sights Lasers U.S. Tour, is the dynamic, interactive and COST FREE training initiative aimed at educating law enforcement and military personnel across the country and challenging them to critically reflect on how they currently conduct training through a program that is grounded in principals of psychology and physiology. The Lights Sights Lasers U.S. Tour, uses hands-on demonstrations, original range drills, and interactive range exercises to teach the dynamics of close quarters, diminished light, reaction time enhancement and decision making skills under austere conditions.

Lights, Sights, Lasers director and lead trainer Wes Doss said, “I am elated to have Helikon-Tex on board as a sponsor as we move into the second half of the 4th year of the Lights Sights Lasers U.S. Tour.” Doss further states, “Several times throughout my career I have had opportunities to teach and train across Europe, these events have given me a first-hand education on the quality, fit and durability of Helikon-Tex products, this is a brand that truly represents function and quality” Doss further stated “I’m thrilled to have Helikon-Tex on the road as we train law enforcement and military across the country”.

Grzegorz Mieszczak, Founder and CEO of Helikon-Tex®, stated “We are very pleased to have forged this cooperation with Wes and his team at Khyber Associates. Our clothing and gear is designed to deliver exactly the kind of tough performance that experienced professionals like Wes and his team demand, and it is an honor to support them in their work. We are also extremely proud and happy to join as a sponsor for the Lights, Sights, Lasers tour that brings valuable training to law enforcement officers at the sharp edge of serving and protecting our communities.”


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The Capture of Aqaba

On 6 July 1917 Lawrence of Arabia captured the port town of Aqaba in perhaps one of the greatest coups of the First World War.  He had left the Arab camp at Wejh on 9 May, embarking on an epic expedition across some of the worst desert terrain in Arabia. As they approached Aqaba their ranks swelled with friendly tribesmen, numbering over 1,000 men when they finally took the town.


In the summer of 1917, T. E. Lawrence and the Arab leaders recognized the importance of seizing the port of Aqaba in order to secure a port and base on the northern Red Sea coast that could in turn facilitate further campaigns into Palestine and Syria.  Accompanied by a party of tribesmen and Auda abu Tayi, the hereditary war chief of the warlike Howeitat tribe, Lawrence led a small force on an epic two-month march through the desert. After a clash with a Turkish battalion at Abu al-Lissan, the Arab force took the surrender of some of the outlying garrisons and finally took Aqaba on 6 July 1917.

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