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FRAG OUT! rock out with an MSBS and Surefire 60-round mag

The guys at FRAG OUT! magazine recently got their hands on a full Surefire 60-rounder, and an MSBS rifle with full auto capability.  The result was pretty impressive!

Frag Out - MSBS 60 rounds full auto

click on the image above to jump to the video – and turn up the volume!

FRAG OUT! magazine issue 1 also had a full in-depth look at the innovative MSBS modular small arms system from FB Radom – click on the image below to jump to the magazine online.

FB Radom MSBS 556


UF PRO P-40 Pants: Performance in any climate

The unique design and special features of UF PRO’s P-40 Pants provide the wearer with excellent mobility and comfort in hot or cold climates.


To find out how, go here.

AGAMURA Light Assault Vest – OSO Gear and Gecko Superior

The Agamura Tactical Vest is an extremely light, compact and durable vest designed with extensive input from former Israeli SOF operators, and already being put to the test on operations.

Made from 1000D Cordura for extreme durability, but with an empty weight of only 1,5 kg, this vest comes with a backpack and a complete set of pouches, and a backpack, built-in.


The Agamura is a ‘ready-to-go’ vest – instead of using the nearly ubiquitous MOLLE/PALS ‘assembly required’ set-up, all the pouches you generally need are already sewn in place on the vest. The layout and total carrying capability was carefully planned and considered based on operational field experience.

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FOR SALE : TSI Armories airsoft Galil SAR replica

Here is your chance to own a truly classic, unique and exceptionally high quality Galil AEG from the now out-of-business TSI Armories.

This airsoft rifle has been in storage for the last 3 years and its unlikely that I will be getting out to skirmish with it again any time in the near future; plus, I need the cash to be honest…

Picture 083

So, what would you be getting?  Here’s some info extracted from the full review I did back in October 2008:

TSI Armories were a bunch of ex-IDF guys based in southern California who passionately felt about making the most highly detailed, accurate and rugged Galil ARM, SAR and MAR models possible.  When you pick up a TSI Galil you immediately notice the quality of the materials and construction, and the weight.  No surprise really as they made quite extensive use of “real-steel” Galil components when building the replicas.

Picture 092

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Make dust, or eat it – Introducing the “Dust” backpack from Direct Action®

Slightly smaller than the Dragon Egg®, the Dust® is 20-liter capacity backpack useful for both EDC and basic patrol missions or tactical duties.

BadLands 1

The Dust® features a hydration bladder pocket accessed from the top behind the shoulder straps.  It also features a padded pouch inside the main compartment that can be used for safely carrying a radio, or a notebook, laptop or tablet PC (up to 15’’ screen).

Olive Green bladder-radio-laptop pocket

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