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UF PRO® introduces Delta cold weather garment system

Designed for unlimited movement and to keep you warm in freezing cold temperatures. 

We put several of UF PRO’s first generation cold weather garments through their paces last winter, and can vouch for their excellent performance, fantastic fit and ergonomics, and their handy and practical design features.


Now UF PRO® have expanded their range with the introduction of their new Delta Cold Weather Gear- a modular garment system that can be precisely adapted to physical activity and colder temperatures.

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Tactical Tailor Concealed Carry Messenger Bag

Have an off-body gun on the go with the new Concealed Carry Messenger Bag from Tactical Tailor.

untitledThe Concealed Carry Messenger Bag is roomy, with three subdivisions to carry all of your everyday essentials, including your pistol of choice, comfortably and concealed. All of the compartments are lined with loop material so you can add holsters and organizers wherever you need them to suit your needs.

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Building an AR-DMR Mk12 clone

We caught up with Nick Betts of Prometheus Design Werx to take a closer look at the nice AR-DMR / MK12 clone he built recently. Nick is a former US Army sniper and has a love for weapons of all types, shapes and sizes, but he’s new to the AR world…


In his own words, Nick told us the story of his AR-DMR build:

I am fortunate enough to call Abraham Hepler of Shepherd Firearms a friend. Abraham couldn’t let me be AR-less so he helped me initiate my build.

I knew that I wanted a precision rifle but wasn’t sure how crazy I wanted to go with it. I absolutely LOVE the military issue MK12 and after some research I was kind of sold on doing a civvie variant of it. I didn’t readily have the funds available to do a full-clone, but I knew that I could build one just as good with different parts.


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We’re back in business…

Speaking of dead air…. we were effectively off-line for a while due to a storage problem not letting us post any new content.

I’m happy to report that the problem has been sorted out and we’ve got air in our canopy once again.  So stand by for new stuff coming at ya soon

Happy landings!



Dead Air Armament – the silence of suppression…

Dead Air LogoClick on the logo above to read more about this exciting news, provided by our friends at Predator Intel.

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