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IWI and Agilite Gear ‘Battle Element Soft Shell’ photo-shoot and video

The Battle Element Soft Shell is the first product in a new line of clothing being developed by Agilite Gear to service Israel’s elite military and LE units.

Battle Element Shayetet 1

The photo shoot was done by top Israeli tactical photographer Benny Levin, and Agilite also teamed up with IWI to showcase the latest suppressed X95, Uzi Pro, the Galil Ace and other weapons from IWI used by Israeli Special Forces.

Battle Element Shayetet 2

The Battle Elements Softshell will also be available in Ranger Green from August, and look out for more new stuff from Agilite this winter.

Click on the picture below to watch a special behind-the-scenes video about the photo shoot, and the significance of the location where it was shot…

Agilite and IWI

Rangers: America’s Premier SOF Raid Force


UF PRO® Striker Field Shirt now available in RAL 7013 color

With its anatomical cut, hook-and-loop chest pocket closures, and the typical UF PRO® Striker sleeve pocket configuration, the Striker Field Shirt can be comfortably worn underneath chest rigs or plate carriers.

It also works very well as a stand-alone shirt or in combination with the UF PRO® Striker XT BDU, P-40 or Tac 2 trousers. The shirt can also be equipped with Flex Elbow Protectors for comfortable and effective elbow protection.

Previously available in PenCott-GreenZone™ camouflage, the UF PRO® Striker Field Shirt is now also available the chameleon-esque RAL 7013 color shade as well.

UF PRO RAL 7013 Striker Field Shirt

So, what exactly is the RAL 7013 color?  Officially, its also known as brown-grey – but it actually has a different look depending on the lighting and surrounding terrain.  Sometimes it looks very grey, sometimes it has a brownish cast to it, and sometimes it looks more like a darker, greyer, shade of olive green (with some muddy brown thrown into the mix).  I like to think of it as ‘Feld-Grau’ that’s a bit more to the grey end of the spectrum and has a bit of brown mixed into it to flatten it out.  At any rate, its such a versatile, shade-shifting color that the Austrian Army literally uses it for everything from uniforms and equipment to small arms and vehicles.

And now its UF PRO’s response to the ’50 shades of tactical grey’ trend as well – which is just fine.

Friday Foto: VE +70


Friday Foto


A Latvian soldier takes cover during exercise Saber Junction 15 at the U.S. Army’s Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels, Germany, April 23, 2015. Saber Junction 15 prepares NATO and partner nation forces for offensive, defensive, and stability operations and promotes interoperability among participants. Saber Junction 15 has more than 4,700 participants from 17 countries, to include: Albania, Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Turkey and the U.S.

U.S. Army photo by Visual Information Specialist Markus Rauchenberger

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