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G&G Armament GMG-42: airsoft replica MG42


GMG42 video

Gil Feldman Appointed as National Sales Manager at Agilite

Tel Aviv, Israel, July 30th, 2015 – Agilite has announced the appointment of Gil Feldman as National Sales Manager for Israel at Agilite.

Feldman joins Agilite from one of The Israel Police’s most elite tactical units. Feldman previously served in a covert tactical unit of Israel’s Ministry of Defense after several years in Maglan, an IDF Special Forces Unit. In his spare time, Feldman is a multiple Olympic-length Triathlete and Iron Man.


“I am excited to get started at Agilite, the quality of the products and personnel there are unrivalled. I’m looking forward to using my operational experience to contribute to creating even better products for top-tier Military and Law Enforcement Units” said Gil.

Aside from his combat career, Feldman is a competitive shooter whose elite LE Unit team took first place in the IDF’s pistol marksmanship tournament, beating the Israeli Military’s most elite SF units.


Agilite Systems is Israel’s premier designer and manufacturer of tactical and rescue equipment and apparel.  It supplies top-tier Special Forces around the world as well as Military, Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue Organizations worldwide.  

For more details, visit Agilite at or email

The Stoner 63 Weapon System

The term ‘weapon system’ is often over-used and misapplied these days – especially in TV shows – but in the case of the Stoner 63, it is totally applicable. 

Soon after leaving ArmaLite, Eugene Stoner devised a concept for a weapons platform built around a common receiver and interchangeable components that could be configured as a rifle, carbine and several machine gun configurations by simply fitting the appropriate parts to the basic assembly.  He even initially designated the concept the M69W becuase that designation looks the same upside down as it does right side up – reflecting the invertable receiver at the heart of the system.

Stoner 63 system

Illustration of the full Stoner 63 family of weapons from Stoner 63 sales brochure (hat tip to

My own interest in the Stoner 63 system started in the latter half of the 1970’s as a teen-ager – when I discovered a lengthy article about the Stoner 63 family in an old copy of the Feb. 1965 issue of Popular Mechanics in a box in my step-father’s attic.  I still remember sitting up there one sweltering hot summer afternoon reading the article from start to finish by the light of a single low-watt light bulb dangling from the rafters.  There’s something about the Stoner 63 that just grabs you like that…


(hat tip to ‘Armeiro’ on for the scans from that old Popular Mechanics article)

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Friday Foto


1 June 2015.  A Latvian soldier looks down the barrel of his weapon with a Humvee in the background.  The Baltic battalion of up to a thousand soldiers from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania trains together as they prepare to join the 2016 rotation of the NATO Response Force (NRF). Made up of land, air, maritime and special operations forces, the NRF can deploy quickly, wherever needed.

photo courtesy of NATO Facebook page Coyote Brown Boots Are Here!

With the release of the new OCP camo ACUs available for sale as of 1 July 2015, troops are also looking for Coyote Brown boots to replace their current Desert Tan footwear (Coyote Brown is the new official boot color to go with OCP ACUs). has just launched several of types of Coyote Brown boots for sale that are AR 670-1 compliant and available for pre-order, with some styles shipping as early as next week. also has an exclusive early release of the top-selling Reebok Hyper Velocity boot in Coyote Brown!

0-650-reebok-8-hyper-velocity-coyote-brownFor complete information about their complete line-up of Coyote Brown boots, go to the special section on

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